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Fix You
Coldplay  X&Y
Fix You - Coldplay
mine quote writing paper life quotes life quote fix white paper fix quote you can't fix yourself by breaking someone else
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Fix You
Coldplay  X&Y
Coldplay || Fix You
I didn’t need you to fix me. I needed you to love me while I fix myself.
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There is no recipe for happiness. No amount of kisses, farmer markets, cups of tea, or core-shaking laughs will fix you. You have to save yo...
I think there is something broken inside of me that no amount of medication or love can heal. Please stop trying to fix me.
coldplay fix you
coldplay fix you lights will guide you home TEARS STREAMING DOWN MY FACE i will try to fix you when you loose something you cannot replace
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Just because he hates himself, does not mean pouring more of your love will fix him. You will only walk away emptier.
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Fix you
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