• fixed it •
mg hair porn Richard Harmon please don't cut it i know you hate it i know it's way longer than you like it but ur hair is such a turnon dont you cut it
no i dont want a fifth album. i dont want another concert. i dont want another perfume, movie, book or anything. i want ot5 to go home take a long break and come back stronger than ever. i want them to love what they do. i want them to be happy
art tag free! matsuoka rin yamazaki sousuke Sourin fixed some shit so posting it again sorry
gaming horror video games games pc gaming PC Game indie games pc games horror games gaming gifs indie gaming scary games free games viddeo free game planet
louis tomlinson Harry Styles Larry Stylinson *** cuteness ***** I will survive *my gifs otra manila 3.22.15 otra larry i fixed the link so sorry i thought i checked it
*mine 1000plus League of Legends morgana lulu nami janna league kayle evelynn leagueedit i might make more if i find more art but ya this was fun to do! EDIT: made a spelling mistake on this earlier; fixed now EDIT 2: resourced eve and lulu many thanks to helpful messages!! part 2 coming son
it ain't that serious
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger than You (Daft Punk vs Steven Universe)
has anyone made a mashup of Daft Punk “Harder Better Faster Stronger” vs “Strong...
mine haikyuu Haikyuu!! oikawa tooru tooru oikawa haikyuu!!edit my prince URGHGFH I dont know what i have created i am proud of him and chapter 150 omfg im already screaming i fixed a lil mistake oops
draws dragon age da fenris garrett hawke FenHawke i don't actually own da so i'm watching playthrus on youtube and it's PAINFUL the sass is too real someone pointed out that i made fenris too pale and i was like naaaw but my screen was actually on dim and so i fixed it...
portrait Colin Firth kingsman harry hart kingsman fanart prints are not available yet for some reason s6 won't let me upload stuff but i'm working on getting that fixed
text lmfao @ 1k
mine The 100 the100edit the100daily clarklexa clexa yeah ok i fixed the fourth gif
It starts
A dark man walked the streets. The weight of his armor made his steps heavy but his smile was light and warm as he looked down at the little hand that held his. “So you want to be a knight like your Uncle do you my little Lullaby?” The small boy smiled and nodded. He loved walking the city with h...
sollux: hoe dont do iit.
1k sherlock holmes bbc sherlock gif: sherlock SherlockEdit the sign of three *old dimensions *typo fixed
request beer sfw bar metroid super smash bros Samus Aran artonly Casual Clothing ssb4 akairiot
artnstuff seriously this is so common please leave them alone
my gif MY EDIT Nico tg yooooooo edit: Tokyo Ghoul ken kaneki Shuu Tsukiyama ayato kirishima touka kirishima tgedit kirishima ayato hideyoshi nagachika Kaya Irimi Banjou Kazuichi seidou takizawa i fixed the pace in the last gif bc it was too fast and i didn't realize it until i posted it
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