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my mom told me if i get 1826495362937344934869 notes i can have a dilophosaurus like this one
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Fluffy Bunny Explores the Fluffy Bed
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i actually cannot wait for february 17th, 2014 to see if people remember
Imagine your OTP on their wedding day, and both of them are jittery and nervous and wondering whether or not this was such a good idea—until they get to see each other’s faces.
Imagine your OTP being grounded teenagers, and having to sneak out to see each other.
Imagine your OTP in some sort of meeting or event where they have to be serious, but they keep catching one another’s eyes and have to hold in the giggles.
Imagine Person A overhearing Person B singing in the shower and sitting by the door to listen.
She better not settle for anything less than the fluffiest chicken
Imagine person A of your otp wins an award, and person B is standing in the crowd beaming with pride
How many people are in the “fluffy chicken fandom” like or reblog this
Imagine your OTP singing “Baby It’s Cold Outside.”
Imagine your OTP lying in bed together, person B is a couple moths pregnant and is lightly showing and Person A is gently stroking their stomach while planting kisses on Person B’s lips and cheeks.
Imagine your OTP being in a forbidden relationship so they have to sneak around in order to see each other, and they are constantly having close calls.
Imagine Person A of your OTP calling Person B ‘baby’ for the first time.