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I feel this is important to say:
staff you are literally making your website harder for people to use.That isn’t hyperbole or over reaction.You swapped the ‘post’ and ‘close’ (cancel) buttons.EVERYONE has muscle memory, everyone is going to at least catch themselves about to hit the wrong button. But e...
"Don't you know communism has killed millions?!"
DEATHS CAUSED BY CAPITALISM: Native American Genocide, 1500s-1900s (direct killings and death from plagues; North, Central, and South Americas combined): 100 MILLION [x] Atlantic Slave Trade, 1500s-1900s (princessbuggie helped with this one): 4 MILLION [x] September Massacres, France, 1792...
Shubbaart long post something i did in between projects and commissions i think its important
Hello! Wow. Thank you. Thank you Chad, for those kind words and for the even kinder work that you and the Human Rights Campaign Foundation ...
Why your character's religion (or lack of) is important:
Anyone in the roleplay community who knows me knows i am one hundred percent about one specific thing: religions. It pains me to see people only use religion when they are playing “religion freaks”. That term roughly translates to someone who’s obsessed with religion and takes eve...
“An Important Message for Nintendo Fans”
https://imgur.com/gallery/Z46S9Written by : SirSuperScoopsThis post will contain minor spoilers.Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of a little game called Fire Emblem Fates (or IF in Japan) for the 3DS. It’s the newest game in Nintendo’s long runn...
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Okay so recently I saw a post that I honestly can’t remember who the op was but I remember it the post said something like history and Hetalia go together and it’s 100% to reference Hetalia to a historical event. And this is extremely problematic. It would be okay for you to make fanart, fanfiction ...
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cute dogs cuteness appreciation post funny dogs adorable dogs car rides cutest dogs cutest puppies happy dogs puppy dogs in honor of everyone getting a car for the first time (like me) here are some puppy dogs in cars
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chrome extensions for disabilities masterpost
I have seen a lot of posts on here talking about individual extensions for chrome to help people, but I haven’t seen a place where they’re compiled together. So here you are!font/text no caps - Makes everything lower case Open Dyslexic: changes the font to Open Dyslexic and makes it larg...
sorry i really wanted to give him a hat and hair
My art long post klk ore monogatari mako mankanshoku ira gamagoori iramako //food takeo gouda yamato rinko
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mine hannibal long post will graham mine: hannibal hannibal spoilers hannibal crack funny hannibal things this was honestly the only thing I could think about during this scene Will and his love for dogs is probably the best thing about the show 2x07 Yakimono