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gif Tyler Oakley troye sivan troyler okay for clarification all these gifs are mine except for the kiss one im genuinely so sorry if thats yours i had it saved on my computer so idk whose it was but please let me know ifits yours okay um im super tired so i think im going to sleep goodnight everybody
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mine i dont know why i did this troye sivan
gintama sakata gintoki woww rly wasnt sure about posting this beacuse its kinda unpopular anime??????? it my favorite anime ever though why is it so unpopular omg i think i'll draw more of it anyway edit: i take it back this got so many notes in less than 24 hours how did this even happen
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k no grace helbig Mamrie Hart Chester See Tyler Oakley Hannah Hart what did I just do wait what troye sivan tim helbig hartbig holy trinity hugs not drugs troyler itsgrace beanz hart am I on drugs
mine YouTube edit troye sivan troye mellet he makes me so happy troye sivan mellet right by your side i was feeling so down today and then i started making this and now i feel so warm and cosy and just good and i love him so much i can't even describe it you're going places you have such a bright future ahead of you and i am gonna be here to see it we all are gonna be right here ok i'm getting sentimental and that's a hella lot of tags so yeah bye also give it some love ok troye you have lots of names tbh
Demi Demi Lovato edits i hope i think it looks okay i attempted coloring it DONT LAUGH
twitter edit pierce the veil vic fuentes tweets 3k Vic okay this looks only good on desktop uhm vic tweets vic fuentes tweets this was quite a lot of work so you guys better reblog it and if someone reposts it im gonna cry
Summertime Sadness
Troye Sivan 
Summertime Sadness (Cover) - Troye Sivan So aaages ago i started to record a cov...
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mine supernatural Misha Collins whoo Mine | Misha Collins i did a fake gifset it's my first one so i think it looks ok considering
mygifs spoilers Spoiler mygraphics hggraphic just saying thgedit why did i do this thgspoilers gr:careers gr:d1 gr:d2 gr:marvel gr:glimmer gr:cato gr:clove thgspoiler BABIES ;______; why did i do this oh my god it actually hurts to see them die that's not healthy is it glimmer baby omfg your death looks particularly awful ;__; also if i catch any one of you going GOOD FOR YOU at marvel I WILL END YOU cato's isn't very clear but yeah dark scene also hey look at the time i never fucking learn do i
YouTube ! facebook july i died at this part troye sivan lmfaoooooooo okay but seriously i use facebook everyday to talk to my tumblr friends so it's not that bad okay i'm done with the troye sivan sp spam**
my stuff The Hour Freddie Lyon Bel Rowley the hour [3] bel x freddie Freddie x Bel parallels continuity you're doing it right i love that he can tell she forgot his birthday simply by the way she looks at him that's why he knew immediately after he told her about camille that something wasn't right bc no she didn't think it was wonderful and no she was not happy and i don't even think it took her leaving so abruptly for him to see that all he had to do was look at her eyes and it's all there ajweroiuwer sometimes i think about how otp they are and my heart does flip flops bel x freddie [2] otp: not even the rain has such small hands [2]
gif mine quote 500 ed sheeran Teddy Sheeran sheerios sheerio i make no sense 9d9n is it weird that i spelled it like arse even though i'm american but it's like he's british so why not
my gifs Captain America Chris Evans Steve Rogers Marvel bucky barnes Sebastian Stan The Winter Soldier stevebucky cap2 these were a bitch to color catws marvel gifs also NO i did NOT cry AT ALL while making this what do you THINK i am god he looks so good in his suit and his slicked back hair wtf
twitter gerard way why notes my chemical romance mcr danisnotonfire dan howell dan i feel u so much HOW DID IT GET THAT MANY