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Hot Cheetos - Invented by a Janitor
The story of Hot Cheetos is oddly appropriate, given their legendary and often controversial status in the snack world.  Richard Montanez was working as a janitor in 1976 at the CA Frito-Lay factory. One night, one of the production machines broke down, leaving a batch of Cheetos with out any of t...
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do not ever be in a relationship if you are sad they can not fix you i repeat they can not fix you
Faery Information
Fairy InfoHow I categorize Fae:  Location Faerie 101: What are Faeries? What are fairies- updated ramble Faerie 101: Communication  How I see Fairies Faerie 101: How to start? pt1 Faerie 101: how to start? pt2 How to figure out if fairies are about? What is the Fairy Faith?Fairies and Witches: the r...
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1. According to survivors in Kathmandu the things needed the most right now are medicine, tents, food, clothes. It is urged to not directly donate money to charities unless you can ensure that your donation is funding food-specific, or shelter-specific needs, or emergency-relief specific needs. 2. T...