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when I hear: “you’re a girl, you know nothing about football” :
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My heartbeat -- Football edition
Normal: When I see my favorite footballer play on tv: When I see my favorite footballer play on tv AND scores a goal:
Football is like Dungeons & Dragons. Every 30 minutes of real time is like 2 minutes of game time.
when your team is winning and the ref is not ending the match when he’s supposed toevery football fan:
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Doesn’t matter which team you support.
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R.I.P. Piermario Morosini. All the football world is crying for you.
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Tips for being a football fan: #31
Football is a game of unpredictability, so don’t stop watching a game at the 88th minute even if you’re losing 2-0 because next thing you know, you’re winning 2-13 and your favourite player scores all of them
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