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1. The meaning behind my URL? 2. A picture of me ?3. Why I love my bestfriend ?4. Last time I cried and why ?5. Piercings I have? 6. Favorite Band ?7. Biggest turn off(s) ?8. Top 5 (insert subject) ?9. Tattoos I want 10. Biggest turn on(s)? 11. Age ?12. Ideas of a perfect date ?13. Life goal(s)? 14....
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I wish I was the girl worth fighting for
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social anxiety is being afraid to sneeze or cough in class for fear of drawing attention to yourself 
selfmade sie dich jetzt brauchen i-breathe-for-me buchstelle
Deutsch selfmade nicht spruch vergessen verdrängen i-breathe-for-me
Marius is walking to class one day and he thinks he sees Cosette, so he yells ‘Hey babe, looking fine!’ They turn round. 'fuck shit shit fuck fuck shit fuck shit it's Enjolras'
*thanks god for making me latina*
do you ever stop and realize that the average person doesn’t know what a ship is or what canon means
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for me
  • other artists draw fave character:wow hot a what A+ 10/10 the bae
  • when I draw them:somehow I seem to have drawn a potato
for me
you are not ‘lovely’ the bones you are made of are not beautifulyou are not vulnerable or fragile or a ‘winter girl’you are not porcelain your loneliness is not romantic you are not clean and white or cold and untouched you are not the creaking of floorboards or the bitter wi...
i vow as president to put all the mosquitoes in a super expensive spaceship and then send it directly into a black hole
Message me numbers ????
0: Height 1: Virgin? 2: Shoe size 3: Do you smoke? 4: Do you drink? 5: Do you take drugs? 6: Age you get mistaken for 7: Have tattoos? 8: Want any tattoos? 9: Got any piercings? 10: Want any piercings? 11: Best friend? 12: Relationship status 13: Biggest turn ons 14: Biggest turn offs 15: Favorite m...
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