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"Deep Breath" air time: UK – Saturday, 23 August at 7.50pm on BBC1USA – Saturday, 23 August at 8.15pm on BBC AMERICA Shadownet1 Shadownet2 TVPC TVPC 3 Live Cafe Now Watch Live MyiPlayer (BBCA and BBC1) Stream2Watch More info & instructions under the cut. Feel free to add a working link to the li...
BBC1 livestreams for Doctor Who tonight
Feel free to add your own, if you have ones. Livestream 1 Livestream 2 Livestream 3 Livestream 4 Livestream 5 Livestream 6 Livestream 7 Livestream 8
walk up in the club like “Harriet Jones, former Prime Minister”
LiveStream Links for Supernatural tonight!!!
CW Network - Supernatural Live 9pm Eastern time (New York) JustinTV  TVPC  [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]  NowWatchTVlive FryTV UfreeTV HookTV FreeTVALL please reblog so your followers can also watch it LIVE Livestreams don’t show until about 5 minutes BEFORE the actual airing…
SO i think that that was abundantly clear that that interview was intended for damage control… but the boys did not play along, not even a little bit. Ben asked every possible question, and they were not having it. This is a clear power struggle. Two different agendas. And five young men are n...
The Box Scene Acquisition Project + The Box Scene Script (fi...
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Times for the 1DDay livestream - November 23
UK and Ireland 23rd - 24th: 8pm - 3amEast Coast (New York): 3pm - 10pmWest Coast (Los Angeles): 12pm - 7pmCanada (Vancouver): 12pm - 7pmCanada Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, etc, 23rd: 3pm - 10pmMexico: (Mexico City): 2pm - 9pmAustralia Perth 24th: 4am - 12pmAustralia Melbourne and Sydney 24th: 7am - 3p...
I know some people have cable or don’t have access to BCC one so here are the lives streams for tomorrow.  *message me or comment if one is offline or not working*When I get the live stream times for most places i’ll post it soon.  [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] Reblog so everyone has a place to w...
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my edits my stuff Benedict Cumberbatch mybcedits Saskia's posts will do a livestream of me maniping later probably follow me on twitter for the linky link
myedit kingdom hearts kh sora idk why mycoloring welp i did this on the livestream it looks blurry on tumblr for me ;a; but hq in my photoshop
art supernatural castiel Wings lmao it was an uneventful stream im sorry
arts free! seigou this style is so fun but hella hard. BUT I kinda really like doing it so sajkdfa and sorry about the livestream my internet stinks gomengomen
1k * my gifs exo exo m Kris WuYiFan krisgifs Somehow made another gifset even tho tired as heck. I'll be waking up at 3pm thank you. Oh how's the livestream? Is it working out for you guys? Imma just wait for subs and stuff after all. =u=
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