• for my own reference •
psa steven universe for my own reference food /
putting this in my own tag to reference later epsilongrif
inspiration Halloween heh 1920s for my own reference i'm just going to add the rest of those costumes because they're really cute you also need to appreciate those men costumes c'mon look at those gems
heels shoes Sketch reference tutorial drawing tutorial shoes tutorial heels tutorial heels reference shoes reference
i guess don't mind me art reference rydia rambles rydia posts art things for her own reference bluh bluh bluh using up tag space so these don't show up on tracked tags ok i think i'm good
homestuck homestuck cosplay eridan ampora reference mazz touched tha butt eridan cosplay eridans rings
dealing with the worst case scenario
your condom breaks you feel a lump on your breast your friends are ignoring you you’re stranded on an island  you got rejected by a crush you get into a car accident you got stung by a bee/wasp you got fired from your job you’re in an earthquake your tattoo gets infected your house is on fire you’re...
the sex ed guide your parents didn't give you
how to put a condom on where to get free birth control the hymen debunked  cleaning your vibrators  how to avoid pressures signs you may be pregnant safe guide to anal sex all about dental dams disabled sexual resources what is hiv? feminist porn female ejaculation fisting 101 communication during s...
boyfriend pokemon Drake phoebe hoenn hella steven stone sidney Pokegifs elite four for my own reference claire graphics i cut and reSIZED EVERY GIF IN THIS GRAPHIC SET THIS BETTER GET SOME NOTES i wanted to include wallace but i quickly ran out of that desire the closer i got to being done i'll do a wallace graphic soon enough i dO LOVE WALLACE A LOT should i tag the others i guess idk glacia
doodleydoo also pictures because a real life reference is probably more useful than my drawn one lmao bod reference
january boredom busters!!
read about the fucked up family tree of the greek gods go to a smithsonian exhibit…online! make like a dj and mix some songs play this wildly addicting game called shuffle make a cool glow jar make a pressed flower case for your iphone like make your legs all smooth and shit create your own ne...
gif Illustration animation hulk wired magazine robin davey
photoset 1k my edits disney edits my posts Sleeping Beauty photos disney classics disney movies Disneyedit sleepingbeautyedit live-action reference
gifs my gifs disney my posts snow white disney classics disney movies Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs live-action reference
1k mine 5k 2k 10k masterpost colton haynes long post mostly for my own reference FUCK YEAH YOU GO TRACY also let it be known that i do not advocate colton's behavior but i also had fun with it because only a select group of people would ever know who these people are and they will probably never see it or if they do; dan is a dick and he should get his feelings hurt and tracy rock on!!! that's all bye
Simple Gun Tips for Writers
I’m not anywhere near a gun specialist, but I’ve been raised around them and I know enough that I can tell you most things on tv you see guns doing is bullshit. So here are some simple tips: There is no muzzle flash when a shot gun or hand gun is fired. Never. Not once. Not on hand guns ...
doodleydoo bod reference why couldnt i be an in shape male though becAUSE THATS WHAT I NEED FOR REFERENCE FOR MOST OF MY CHARACTERS LMAO
Daily practice tools for artists
It’s hard to find guided practice tools for artists, so here’s what I’ve been able to find. Feel free to add your own and build this list.  Figure Drawing Practice  Animal Drawing Practice Quickposes.com Posemaniacs.com Wysp Practices (some of this needs payment, some is free)
reference mouths might delete because face