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gravity falls mabel pines pacifica northwest the golf war
woah gravity falls dipper pines mabel pines limey art lays down how much i love i don't think???? you understand????? these two goofuses
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gravity falls mabel pines pacifica northwest 3rd degree burn
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star wars Han Solo finn harrison ford John Boyega spoilers / The Force Awakens tfa spoilers / star wars spoilers / again sorry for the terrible quality
gravity falls dipper pines
fashion ! menswear tom ford Juan Betancourt i've failed as a gay then i'm sloppy as fuck half of the time lol but I clean up well too
What if “Gravity Falls” was an anime Based and a...
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best friends harrison ford John Boyega star wars the force awakens mogifire met the parents so is real serious grown close
gravity falls dipper pines mabel pines stanford pines stuffbeccadrew long post // stanley pines im not tagging everyone lol there are secrets to be found in the pics
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Harrison Ford and his very convincing blaster imitation
There’s a bit on Harrison Ford’s wikipedia page that says he once flew a helicopter to rescue a hiker suffering severe dehydration and all I can think about is how surreal that must have been for the hiker You think you’re about to die, you’re dehydrated so you’re proba...
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