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People who simplify the Israel-Palestine conflict to Jews vs Muslims are the reason everyone thinks that all Jews hate Muslims and all Muslims hate Jews
Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.
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Stand firm against injustice even if it be against yourself.
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Last night just before 9pm, they sent us a warning over the phone that ‘We will bomb the hospital, so you need to evacuate. We insiste...
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A central premise of US media coverage of the Israeli attack on Gaza - beyond the claim that Israel is justifiably “defending itself&#...
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Let me get this straight:
Guys like Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown smoke pot, drink and listen to rap music: In death, they’re condemned as a vicious thugs who had it coming. Joan Rivers was caught on camera advocating genocide and cheering on the deaths of innocent kids: In death, is called a feminist icon with a heart...