• friends •
  • me:meh, today is okay
  • old friends senior dog sanctuary:leo is okay and he's coming home soon
  • me:today is the best day. no day is better than today.
hey, i knwo time is fake and we literally made it all up but i would like for july to be good to me. i’d like the universe to give me a break this month and i’d like things to start working out for me. that’d be real swell
dogs long post // old friends senior dog sanctuary arty is my favorite i love him
leo Lacy old friends senior dog sanctuary
Demi Lovato mine Nicki Minaj Jeremy Scott Moschino
submission scribbles they have Arrived this pikachu and yobby are best friends i cant even look at this electric dick anymore b y e
Eu queria tanto que desse certo… É muito difícil aceitar o fato de que alguém que você ame de coração não corresponda seu amor.
gif friends chandler bing ross geller friendsedit by nati rossgelleredit chandlerbingedit
* friends chandler bing friendsedit friendsgifs
dog potato dogs pets adoption Rescued Dog Pikelet and Patty Cakes lifeofpikelet
Fanart jb johnny bravo Samurai Jack samurai bravo I've been wanting to draw this for a while haha
mine friends rachel green gif* friendsedit
my post old friends senior dog sanctuary
1k mine friends F.R.I.E.N.D.S friendsedit danielsgillies
“Giraffe Soup”Here’s to my bfa1 film at calarts. I made it a...
gifs friends friendsedit princesconsuela millslady
when ur off soaking and u hear ur friends crunching leaves without u
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