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seriously mcdonalds is so fucking disgusting with their processed food and greasy slabs of meat ill take three orders of large fries please
When you’re trying to lose weight and someone offers y...
Americans: we’re gonna use Fahrenheit where 0 degrees is really cold and 100 degrees is really hot so 40-60 degrees is okay weather. It’s just like we’re counting up from 0 to 100 and the closer we get to 100 the warmer/hotter the weather.  Rest of the world: wtf??? Americans are so dumb that makes ...
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The McDonald’s french fry is unbelievable. When you bite into it, you think: It’s so tasty, it can’t be real. As soon as it gets cold, it turns to lard and flubble. I mean, have you ever tried to eat a McDonald’s french fry that’s gone cold? That’s one of the circles of hell. The gulf between th...
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