• from a letter to Fanny Brawne dated July 8th 1819 •
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  • To Leeteuk:
  • Eeteuk hyung is like a brother and a father. I have always tried to be a child that he doesn’t have to worry about, even though I know that he feels helpless that I don’t always fit in, but he has always supported me. Sometimes I will even tease that him sacrificing his idol image to be funny is useless, but he knows that I still care a lot for him, and don’t want him to be so tired. And then one day he faced the camera and said while smiling, actually Kibum is the one child I have always worried about, not caring about how many tears he has shed but still shouting my name. He’s even willing to once again sacrifice for my sake. [TN| I’m not sure if he’s referring to himself or what Eeteuk said] Eeteuk hyung, Kibum loves you, and so I will always walk with you to the end.
  • To Heechul:
  • Heechul hyung, to me, is the most special. At first we couldn’t get along with each other. You didn’t like my informality to you, and I didn’t like you
  • treating me differently than everyone else. And then fate brought us together, during those days filming Rainbow Romance, I slowly started understanding you, and you started accepting me, and I became Kim Heechul’s favorite dongsaeng. Until today, when I look at everything you’ve done for me, I can only choose to help you along, because that was how you cared for me. When you were in the car accident, and when you had the surgery, when Hankyung hyung wasn’t with you, I was with you. So Heechul hyung, you have always used your strength and persistence to protect me, so Heechul hyung, Kibum won’t disappoint you.
  • To Hangeng:
  • Hankyung hyung, I feel like we are very similar. For a dream, you traveled far from your home, while I for my dream, returned to my home. But we were both far from our families, had no friends, and had to start over. It was a lot like returning to those three years when I first arrived in America, I didn’t have friends and I couldn’t communicate. Those days were hard to endure. Hankyung hyung would smile a warm smile every time, and his strength made me ashamed of myself. Hankyung hyung, those days being in the middle [not fitting in] were hard, right? Charging forward and retreating were both difficult. I think I understand you, and I think you understand me as well. We are both two children who wander for our dreams. Hankyung hyung, even with everything going on now, can we still walk together? I think we will never give up.
  • To Yesung:
  • ...
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