• from the first gif dinah knows what's gonna happen next •
:( fifth harmony camila cabello Dinah Jane caminah 5tp from the first gif dinah knows what's gonna happen next REAL FRIENDSHIP RIGHT THERE AND ALLY CHEERING HER UP NORMANI SQUEEZING HER SHOULDERS AND LAUREN BEING AFFECTED I MEAN DO YOU SEE HER FACE ON THE THIRD GIF?!
gif 1k mine edit 2k Dinah fifth harmony Dinah Jane dinah* was gonna add a caption but how tf do you make the text small with this update
niall harry and liam right now probably:
gif love cute movie titanic sweet aww meet where i In the Morning happen i love gonna waking up rose and jack Wind up not knowing what's who I'm
* 5k Teen Wolf allison argent Crystal Reed twedit her fuckin progression though!! in the first one she's the sweet innocent lamb with the small smile on her face; not knowing what's happening clueless to the world and its hardships next one she's beginning to realise something's wrong; that maybe her lil world isn't as perfect as she thought it was and she's scared scared of what the world could bring to her doorstep scared of what could happen to her her aunt just died; she thinks there's nobody else to help her realise what she is and what she's capable of then the third one she's not the terrified little child anymore she's realised what she's up against what the world has presented her with she knows her capabilities and just how well she can take care of herself and now allison argent is not scared allison argent is brave and powerful and beautiful the motherfucking character development man
* *** kpop antm 2ne1 minzy Bom cl dara *kpop what's w/ their weird ass angle of filming also let's just pretend the first gif isn't as shitty as it is
1k ** the walking dead Daryl Dixon twdedit now what's gonna happen in the s6 finale ......
mygifs exo tao suho chanyeol Junmama always the first to comfort him...always I didn't expect that from you Chanyeol but that was beyond nice what's the name of that immotal song woman again? she's so thoughtful I trust you with Korean but I'm not sure about that eng translatation Eun-ah if someone knows better tell me...thanks....
my gif 1k style taylor swift Taylor Swift gif tswiftedit idk if this has been made tried to crop out perez hilton lmao in the first gif shes like OH MY GOD HOW DID YOU KNOW STYLE WAS GONNA BE MY NEXT SINGLE
1k Teen Wolf Dylan O'Brien TW stiles stilinski gifs(3) twedit aaaah i'm so happy that he is back but poor bb omg i bet what's going to happen next week is that he will be dying and scott will give him the bite and i don't want that i just... idk
What will happen next
So here’s the deal we Know that the meteor Cannot stop And that is going at full speed toward Skaia I hope you remember what happens when a meteor is headed toward Skaia And Finally we have the explanation for This I hope I made the point clear
1k elizabeth olsen newedit marvelcastedit eolsenedit
rose edna gif by kadrena tales of zestiria dezel Sorey Mikleo Lailah Zaveid i'm so damn excited Alisha Diefda AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH ICAN'T WAITTTT FORR THISS ;///////////////// FIRST MANGA AND NOW ANIME ;www; WHAT'S THE NEXT my zestiria gifs
Grey's Anatomy Cristina Yang mine* callie torres who knows who cares greysedit i'm just feeling a lot of cristina\callie feelings and callies face in the last gif ugh i do not know what's going on with the white spot by the eye though
gif quote text Typography skins past happen the past happened naomi skins quote image naomi campbell skins Lily Loveless skins you can't change already happened what's already happened you could change anything you couldn't change the past
gif taylor swift brisbane Red tour by amelia
doctor who Peter Davison peter capaldi my gifsets (PCap) Twelve meets Five I dont know why these have been hiding under my to be giffed folder since God knows and there are more from this show i'm gonna make them too btw this is the thing that i fell in love with this man i was actually smiling back at him happy Peter is happy happy Peter makes me happy
watch in the flesh they said it’s an amazing show they said no queer baiting they said fascinating female characters they said cutest otp they said i caved in (pun intended) they were right
show: game of thrones post: mine gotedit jon x ygritte gotjonsnow gotygritte She Did iheartgot otp: first we'll live book: asoiaf ship: jon x ygritte it's one of my favourite things I just love how playful they are or how let's say how ygritte messes with jon they can spend their day arguing and bickering but like in the 7th gif it's also two worlds; two ways of seeing the world and living that collide and I think meeting her made him question his life in a lot of ways but no matter if he did; he was most of all loyal and that's maybe what made their relationship doomed from the start? no matter how much he loves her or questions his life or anything he's a crow I think ygritte knew that that's what made his betrayal much worse she still expected it to happen but at the same time she couldn't help herself but fall for him and hope it wouldn't happen 'you're gonna be loyal to your woman' 'you always knew who I was' and that's why it hurts so much idk how they're portrayed in the books but still