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How to play "Paranoia"
This is literally the best party game ever ok so here’s what you do: Everyone sits in a circle Whoever goes first whispers a question to the person on their right The person on the right must answer the question out loud. The trick is, no one else in the circle knows the question.  Next, someo...
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fun things to do with your boy
1. brush his entire body 2. strap leather all over him 3. ride him all day 4. tie him to a post plot twist: i am talking about my horse
Things associated with the Signs
Aries - Healing scabs. Dirty nails from gardening. Sunlight through stained glass. Sunflower gardens. Cheap tobacco. Unfinished house plans for someday. Taurus - Sour candy. Horror movie marathons. Sand leftover from the beach. Frilled dresses. Forgotten iced coffee. Well kept secrets.  Gemini - Che...
animation wtnv cecilos fun things to do until 2 am this is how i actually cope with not being able to go to live shows *hahaha* fake laughter followed by tears
Achievement Hunter ryan haywood actual art not words things to do in GTA V this was ridiculously fun to draw and we're getting pizza for dinner so I am a happy chap
Things 12 Zodiac Signs Would Say/Do To Their Crush/Lover/Ex Part 6
1. Piscesgif source2. Aquariusgif source3. Sagittariusgif source4. Capricorngif source5. Libragif source6. Virgogif source7. Leogif source8. Scorpiogif source9. Geminigif source10. Cancergif source11. Ariesgif source12. Taurusgif source
McFassy regency kink re-editing old things rofroy do ittttt oldergifs getting this to mashup was fun
dog funny cute adorable fun pitbull bully pit bull rocking horse bullie pibble oh the things we train our dogs to do
the signs and their civil war affiliation
team stark: taurus , virgo , libra , capricorn , pisces , sagittarius team rogers: aries , gemini , cancer , leo , scorpio , aquarius the signs as team stark and team rogers
pokemon charmander
“it’s just zayn, calm down” or a small post about why i sometimes worry about zayn’s safety  because we know very well how jealous these two can get and zayn seems to be caught in the middle of it more often than advisable  (disclaimer: yes i am aware that a lot of these ar...
there is a saying 'when you have a chance to make fun of Jamie Benn you should take it' I take this saying very seriously bennyandthestars things I do for Britta and I'd like to say I regret this IF YOU'RE READING THIS ITS TOO LATE AND I REGRET THE FUCK OUT OF THIS POST
goodbye mine Cassandra Clare City of Bones malec tmiedit clace tmi edit the mortal intruments should i tag all the characters at this point IDK I JUST HAD A LOT OF FUN MAKING THESES also more are coming bc damn the potential ok i had fun on the first one but i HAD TO FUCKING DO IT I MEAN I WANT TO GIVE HIM THINGS LIKE BLOWJOBS AND SELF ESTEEM IS LITERALLY WHAT MA
Other Things To Do To A Drunken Sailor
Draw a dick on his face in SharpieAdd his boss as a friend on FacebookEat the last of his NutellaText his ex with a “U up?” messageTell the IRS he owes back taxesLog in to gmail and change his password
fun gender neutral things to call your partner:
fun gender neutral things to call your partner: