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* supernatural dean winchester sam winchester spn* spnedit jaredpodalecki claraseleven this scene was dark and colourless fun fun fun sam's face tho let's not discuss what happens afterwards
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Lol fun game: go on my /tagged/me and reblog your favourite selfie for fun!! Fun for the whole famil...
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Ain't It Fun
Paramore  Paramore
Paramore - Ain’t It Fun
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japanese fun just for fun i made another one ^^
So Louis’ new tattoo is a sparrow with unusually long wings… unusually long wings clasped behind its back… now who does that remind you of..? Hmmmm? …? DISCLAIMER THIS IS JUST FOR FUN I KNOW NOTHING I AM JOKING PLEASE DON’T LET THIS BECOME FANON OK THANK YOU.
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Fun Science Fact:
If you just got excited, you’re a nerd