• funny cake i love the teen pregnancy one tbh •
Chris Hemsworth Thor loki anthony hopkins thorki *mygifs Odin okay guys i'm not going ODIN U OLD BASTARD U DUN LUV LOKI here (because i believe he does) the difference i'm talking about isn't love/no love the difference is that one line serves to destroy loki (intentional or not) and the other tries to save him tries to dissuade him from letting go but in the end the first line wins /sigh/ i'm just disappointed at odin here tbh. YOU COULD HAVE WAITED UNTIL YOUR SONS  WERENT ABOVE A LIFE THREATENING ABYSS???
louis tomlinson Harry Styles One Direction love Zayn Malik liam payne Niall Horan LOL red funny couple quote life skinny thin friends taylor swift fat cake potato healthy fit Carrot blond Directioner irish W Perfect Couple yummy :3 baribie and ken
gif LOL funny gifs music song funny gif lyrics humor i can relate teen quotes relatable so relatable let the bodies hit the floor
Harry Styles One Direction Equality idek love is love my own bored tbh legalize love
* Teen Wolf isaac lahey daniel sharman one of the very few reasons i watch teen wolf
1k The Notebook ' one of my favorite scenes ever (idk if i like this tbh but oh well here we go)
gif mine Teen Wolf isaac lahey daniel sharman I just...nope well excuse you tbh
snsd yoona girls generation i should post this on my kpop blog but whatevs one of my all time favourite looks on the planet tbh
my gifs mine Teen Wolf Dylan O'Brien stiles stilinski twgifs search for a cure dylangifs this took me longer than it was supposed to the purpose of this photoset is mostly the backwards cap tbh
cake i love this mamegoma
Do you guys know what this means You’re pregnant before a dick’s even in you now You could be pregnant right now and not even know it I’m pregnant you’re pregnant WE’RE ALL PREGNANT
mine watercolor the tumblr artists it's nice going through my art folder tbh
omg happy birthday best human by dardeile5 lena headey best face you are perfect to me best everything best existence thank you for cersei btw light of my life that you are i wish you all the happiness in the world and i love you and i would marry you in one second tbh because yo... somewhere it's october 3rd already
1k mine queue big time rush james diamond Not 1/100th as pretty or well made as the original but I had to make an attempt because I really love the idea and I really love James Diamond- crying because he's the best TBH and I think one of the strongest things the writers/Maslow have done over the course of the series is manage to retain the quirky/over the top aspects that are sort of required of any Nick character but while simultaneously giving him genuine character development I just feel like his journey~ has actually been handled really well
gif LOL funny gif birthday cake notes snl Andy Samberg birthday cake threw it on the ground happy birthday to ground
my edits the vampire diaries delena i don't know why i'm doing this with this ugly coloring and without webdl 1080p he last one is killing me tbh
When you're at a birthday party and they bring out the cake
the office michael scott steve carell gif mine jenna fischer john krasinski Jim Halpert pam beesly ALL THE FEELS GUH eg3 i don't think it's possible to love another fictional character as much as i love michael tbh
~ 1000 sdcc Teen Wolf tyler hoechlin twedit p: tyler hoechlin hoechlin~ god you think you're soooo funny don't you i hate you sO MUCH LOOK AT HIS FUCKING GRIN AT THE END i'm so upset i love this cast so much