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LOL funny wtf humor srsfunny
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From @foster_kittens: “If you’re having a rough ...
LOL funny wtf humor srsfunny
Marvel artists turned Black Influencers and Athletes into super versions of themselves.
Fanart galaxy stars clouds digital art Voltron Mommy Marcia allura voltron legendary defender I am so grateful for her Allura is a funny way to spell 'blessing' yall kinkshame for saying daddy but what about mommy
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Oh, fuck. Goodwill has so many Mask tapes
Ok, well, really they only have 3 different The Mask Animated Series tapes, but why do they have so many copies? Who donated these and why did they have them? Oh, fuck, now I have a lot of Mask tapes… 69 Mask tapes to be exact. They were all unopened. I don’t even have a VCR. Even if I did,...
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