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I once stalked my boyfriends ex on social media for like 7 months and I was feeding info back to him like “omg she had a baby” and one day I showed him a photo of her with the baby and he was like erm babe that’s not my ex… It turned out I had been stalking some random girl ...
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my post opm *all one punch man onepunch-man opmedit SORRY THIS WAS THE TRANSFORMATION I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR like nothing happened his clothes just tore and i CRY SO HARD imagine if all magical girls just turned into big bara men OMFG...
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funny girlfriend girls boyfriend girl meme jokes man men convo conversation so true Nudes
I don’t like to admit when I have feelings for someone, because every time I do something goes wrong, so if I ever tell you I like you...
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It doesn’t always take a knife to kill someone. It just takes a simple goodbye.
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When your boyfriend or girlfriend asks if you are okay..
Don’t lie to them. If y'all are in love, tell them what’s bothering you. They care. It’s okay to be vulnerable with them. Don’t tell them “yes, I’m okay” and you’re not, because then you’ll be mad at them for not understanding your hurt when YOU HAVEN’T EVEN EXPLAINED IT to them. People can’t read...
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