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???? that will scare the hell out of me
funny mine lmao humor humour illuminati salad illuminati confirmed
This Aladdin be killing it with the Yeezys ???? (source)
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person: it’s too early for halloween stuff it’s over a month awayme: 
Siri, what's 0 divided by 0?
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Behold, the worst written line of all time:
Aro started to laugh. “Ha ha ha,” he chuckled.-Stephenie Meyer New Moon
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Today I fucked up...by trusting a “hot local single in my area” on a dating app
Greatest/worst thing ever just happened to me, so buckle up folks..it’s story time:Girl on a dating app tells me in the first few messages that I’m really cute (true) and interesting (also true) and asks me to meet her at 1140am for coffee at a random McDonald’s. When I ask if she&...
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My same reaction when “Worth It” is on
lolz Anna Kendrick funny tweets tmz.com
LOL gay TED cruz LMAOOOOO ted cruz idk what to tagt this shit is just funny lololloololol
funny children insidious inside out i was laughing so hard
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