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Dear Future Wife...#527
The first time we kiss, I’m going to be a nervous wreck. I’m not going to be even remotely suave. Even if you catch me totally off guard, I’ll find a way to get really nervous a split second before it happens. I know this because that’s how it has always been. The second ti...
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To my future wife...
Could you just sit on my dick before we leave for work?! I know there’s not enough time, but just sit, no bouncing, no grinding. You don’t even have to move…just kiss me while i’m inside you before we leave..that’s all
To my future wife...
When I die I want you to mix my ashes in a bowl of chili, then eat it. Just so I can tear that ass up one more time.
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imagine if your future husband/wife is following you on tumblr
jared leto spirit awards lupita nyong'o otp: my future ex-wife idk am i allowed to say that??
ron weasley ginny weasley order of the phoenix future wife hpedit issisgif p: rw p: gw i know they're not cut properly but i was too lazy
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The 3rd gif in your folder is your muse's reaction to meeting their future husband/wife for the firs...
*walks down the aisle to the buffy theme song*
The woman I plan to marry will have champagne in her walk, and I will get drunk off her footsteps.
"I believe that one of our fans will be my wife in the future" - Zhang Yixing.
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my stuff suits harvey specter suitsusa Harvey x Rachel rachel zane I loved that scene so much!!! I love it when people that don't interact very often have scenes you should befriend her harvey she's your future wife's best friend and your best friend's future wife
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