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*obsesses over underdeveloped characters* if your writers won’t love you, I will.
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75 Gaming Asks
Send me some!1. First console you’ve ever owned?2. First game you played?3. Favorite childhood game?4. Longest consecutive hours you’ve played a game?5. Game with the best soundtrack?6. An underrated game from within the last few years?7. Most disappointing game you’ve played?8. The game with the be...
The death throes of Anita Sarkeesian's career
You might be saying, well Rachel, why are you picking on Anita. I’m not. I’m going to present some facts. Nothing more and nothing less. One year ago Anita Sarkeesian had a massive amount of views on her videos even within the first day. Now look at her most recent video. It isn̵...
  • 1:what is your fave game?
  • 2:what platform do you normally play on?
  • 3:what genre is your fave?
  • 4:who is your favourite game character?
  • 5:what do you normally play when you get home?
  • 6:has a game changed your outlook on life?
  • 7:which game do you have most hours in?
  • 8:ever fallen in love with a game character?
  • ...
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Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC where you fight Dorian’s dad Mortal Kombat style.
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