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Top Ten Magical Herbs
1. Rosemary:  Anti-depressive Protection Purification Exorcism Magic Defense Banishing 2. Sage: Aphrodisiac Protection Divination Longevity Clairvoyance Prosperity Passion 3. Basil House protection Purification Prosperity Spell breaker Strenght and Courage Harmony and peace Psychic Development Exorc...
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Moon Garden
A moon garden is a garden specifically designed to be enjoyed by the light of the moon at night. It is typically planted with flowers and plants that are at their best after the sun has set. Some have blooms that only open at night, some release their fragrance into the cool night air and others sim...
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Altar Tips
You don’t have to get a definitive altar- You can set up an altar only when you need one. You can keep your things in a box. Wardrobe altar- You can set up your altar in your wardrobe, in case you don’t have space or you are not allowed to have an altar in another place Bathroom altar- This is also ...
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Never put your faith in a Prince. When you require a miracle, trust in a Witch.
The witch raised up the maiden’s face and smoothed her tears away as though she was erasing a canvas. She smiled at the helpless girl, her f...
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