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can you tell who is control with garnet?
sometime, i notice that garnet acts more like ruby or more like sapphire.like in love letterswhen garnet says NO YOU DON”T to jamie, her visor is more red, she say this pretty sternly. but when she gives her little speech about how jamie is a good actor, her tone is calmer, kinder. Her viser also ch...
Favorite Gem: garnetFavorite Fusion: garnetOtp: Garnetfavorite episode: the one where garnet is back togetherFavorite song: stronger than you (starring garnet)Favorite line: this is garnet, back togetherFavorite Human: human garnet frome stevens dream in chille tid
mom: you’re too old to watch cartoonsme:
colored the garnet from earlier
cute lil garnet from the stream~
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The way Garnet said “Lets fuse”
one of my fave things in Steven Universe is that Garnet, a millennia-old powerful warrior, made a silly face to cheer up an infant and was visibly downtrodden when it didn’t work
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i tried drawin in photoshop for the first time /o\edit:made it a bit smaller because it was way to big 
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