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Lower your gaze
Lower your gaze, not just from the opposite sex but also Lower your gaze from the faults of others Lower your gaze from that which does not concern you Lower your gaze from that which people want hidden Lower your gaze from that which makes you angry Lower your gaze from things that will make you je...
Female Reading of the Male Gaze, and Sherlock
[Disclaimer because this is still getting attention:   This isn’t about any ship It’s barely about the show It’s more about the male and female gaze NOT all women see the same thing NOR all men NOR other genders I DO feel that different people in life (pick a gender/class/race/sexuality), for whatev...
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NBC Hannibal's Cinematography is Beautiful
The murders and the locations have all been talked about, though, so I feel like we need to talk about the gaze.  Do you know what the cinematographers of NBC’s Hannibal have done? They have reversed the Male Gaze. Now, that does not mean that they use the Female Gaze. Far from it, actually.  So le...
real feminists don't gaze at males.
i won’t link to the full review of our show the other night, or even name the publication (if you care, google), because i don’t want to give the writer the satsifaction of the hits. but can i talk for a moment about how incredibly much this pisses me off? thanks, i will. the review begins: “‘How ca...
So, because some men have managed to sexualize stretchy yoga pants, that means stretchy yoga pants are now inappropriate/slutty/cause for “a...
…while “the female gaze” is attracted by things like a naked, sweaty Chris Evans or Idris Elba, it’s also attracted by things like: me...
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At a lecture I was giving in a large West Coast university in the Spring of 2008, the female students talked extensively about how much they...
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There is a reason why men were commanded to lower their gaze before women were commanded cover.
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