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Geek Sexism
Guys — especially geeky guys — tend to say that their idea of the perfect partner is a girl who is smart, independent, and interesting. Unfortunately, what they actually mean most of the time is that they want a girl who is “smart” as in pays more attention to his (self-i...
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Fake geek girl?
I like running.  That makes me a runner. I like knitting.  That makes me a knitter. I like reading.  That makes me a reader. I like playing video games.  That makes me a gamer. I like nerdy stuff.  That makes me a nerd. I identify with my hobbies and my interests because they are important to me.  Y...
Let's Go Over This One. More. Time.
You don’t get to choose how anyone else interacts or identifies with media, even when it’s media you care about. Even when it’s media you made. You don’t get to choose what constitutes a “real” fan. You don’t get to harass and name-call because people don...
the reason male comic book fans work themselves into a frenzied rage over “fake geek girls" is because they think they can’t get a girlfriend because of their love for comic books (a.k.a nerdiness). if they accept that geek girls genuinely love comic books, then they’re left with t...
I just don’t understand where this concept of ‘fake geek girls’ came from. Like, AT ALL. Cus when I look for fandom related stuff like 90% of the fan art and the fanfiction and the meta, zines, comics, etc. Like 90% of the shit that I’ve seen is created by women & girls. ...
So I went to see deadpool and sitting next to me there were two guys complaining about how many girls there were, all fake geek girls watching the movie just because Ryan Reynolds is hot. I mean, yeah, he’s hot. Anyway, at the end of the movie these two guys stand and leave because “there are just t...
The Myth of Credibility
I’ve never had my geek cred questioned. No one asks me if I “actually read this stuff” as I work behind the counter of my LCS. When I say how much I enjoy a book like Ms. Marvel or Wonder Woman, people take me on my word. When I check out a store in another town, I’m asked wh...
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