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Gemini: Rundown
Attracted to: Strong minded individuals, Intelligence, Personality, Humor.Needs: Communication, Understanding, Warmth, Laughter.Secretly Likes: Drama, Arguing, Excessively talking.Secretly Hates: A Gemini will hate you one minute, love you the next, and will forget about what happened somewhere in b...
Gemini Thoughts:
Its really nice, just so thrilling to see people know what they want to do for the rest of their life, like they got it all figured out somehow. It’s so exciting, just great, that they know what they want to do, that they just know, and I’m just trying to figure out what it is exactly I ...
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  • Temperament:Thinking
  • Mood:Geminis experiencs mood swings with their 'personality' shifts. The changeable Gemini experiences many different personas in a day, each responding to the world with their own values, mannerisms and mood. The emotional state of a Gemini changes frequently, and they rarely remain in a 'melancholy' or 'introspective' mood for long
  • Works From:As the dual sign Gemini works from left and right brain
  • Compulsions:Gemini has a compulsion to remain constantly mentally stimulated and learn; it is hard for them to sit and focus on one task and if their brain is bored they are very irritable. Knowledge is sustenance to them; but leaves them scattered
  • Signs of Distress:Silence, nerves, over thinking, easily distractible and seems 'elsewhere'; they are fairly intolerable to sadness they tend to detach/dissociate from feelings after a short while
  • Signs of Rage:Violent and volatile outbursts, physical tantrums - such as kicking in a door or screaming blue murder, followed then complete dissociation/sense of calm and amnesia, nerves and anxiety, racing thoughts, hyperactivity, expect the dual 'twin' to emerge, confusion
  • Signs of Nerves:Giggling, restlessness, rapid speech, talkativeness, tremors, hyperactivity, distractibility, racing thoughts, insomnia, inability to stay focused on and complete even minor tasks, loud and more talkative inner monologue, chest/lung discomfort
  • Signs of Happiness:Ability to listen, reduced nerves and more stable sense of self, curiosity, ability to retain and recall facts, ability to sit with uncomfortable emotions, more focus/more productive distractibility, giggles, casual demeanor, increased urgency to communicate
  • ...
Gemini: Emotions
Believe it or not, Gemini, but you’re emotional. You just know when and where to turn it on and off, which sets you apart from a lot of people. Do to you having this ability, people often believe that you’re very careless or even in some cases, heartless. This isn’t the case because you’re far from ...
1) Gemini’s may appear outgoing and bubbly, but they’re actually very shy people, and can get nervous quite easily. 2) A Gemini will go above and beyond investigating when it comes to receiving the information they truly want. 3) When a Gemini tells you they love you, believe it. Love isn’t someth...
Gemini: Friends
People often mistake themselves as being a friend to a Gemini, when they’re just an associate. A friend to a Gemini is someone special, someone who genuinely love and cares about their well-being. A friend to a Gemini is someone who’s able to accept honest criticism or a blunt statement without gett...
  • Aquarius:Did you know-
  • Gemini:Yes I did. I know. I did know. I knew it from the second I was born. I. Know. It.
  • Aquarius:I was gonna say I was horny but okay.
  • 1:Gemini is the eternal child who never quite loses his inquisitive fascination. For gemini, there is always so much to know and too much too talk about
  • 2:The opportunity to communicate is the core of the Gemini life
  • 3:Geminis tell stories with their hands. an easy way to spot a Gemini is via wildly flailing arm gestures in conversation.
  • 4:They are fresh faced and bright eyed, its like you can see the light in their minds
  • 5:You think they could be the sweetest person on earth and accidentally say the wrong thing and realise you know nothing about this misty enigma
  • 6:Geminis use vivid imagination to whip up exaggerated stories and bring life to a subject of teaching
  • 7:They have enough internal chatter to keep them self-entertained for weeks, and relish in solitude
  • 8:It is easy to pick up when a Gemini is uncomfortable. they will be quiet. And this never happens unless something is wrong.
  • ...
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The Air signs can seem a little lazy - letting their houses fill with clutter, procrastinating, staring out the window… and yet just because they are not physically moving does not mean they are not traveling or wandering.. their minds are libraries of words with tangents of sideways, backwar...
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