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Cute underwear
I bought cute undies at the mall today. The lady shopping next to me said “I have to ask, my son is trans, I am buying him underwear… I mean her, still working on the her thing, sorry, but could you help me? Please!” I almost cried.
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Nonbinary people: You are real. You exist. You matter. You are not alone. Please never forget any of this.
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Please I beg you If your kids think that they’re trans Let them take puberty blockers It’s completely reversible Puberty is not Do it for the children
Friendly reminder: Not all Nonbinary people want to look androgynous. Nonbinary doesn’t mean you can’t have boobs. Nonbinary doesn’t mean you don’t want genitals. For some it does. For some it doesn’t. Nonbinary can look feminine. Nonbinary can look masculine. Nonbinary...
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I opened a secret Facebook group dedicated to finding a third pronoun in Hebrew that will serve people who don’t feel comfortable with man and/or woman pronouns. This task is extra hard in hebrew because all verbs are either in man or woman form so I want as many hebrew speakers who could use ...
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advocating for changing the term “preferred pronouns” to “mandatory pronouns” b/c there is no preferred about it, it simply is and you do not get a choice here
(????) friendly reminder that the sex binary is just as much of a social construct as the gender binary (????)???~*~?
I’ve seen a bunch of posts warning to look out for trans people and “suicide contagion” but none of them list ways to get help if you are feeling suicidal. I’ve listed all I could find below the cut. Please spread this, suicide rates always go up when there is a lot of media ...
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How to get gender neutral pronouns on facebook the ridiculously easy way.
I know there are a bunch of posts about how to get gender neutral pronouns (they, their) on Facebook, but it always involves using developer tools which some people are not always comfortable with so I was thinking and did this thing real quick to turn it into 3 steps for convenience and the less t...