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star wars Darth Vader general Grievous Obi Wan kenobi Revenge of the Sith Anakin Skywalker darth sidious padme amidala and yoda u know i love you but what kind of terrible advice like don't miss or mourn anyone that dies? terrible.
:) my gifs woah star wars general Grievous Revenge of the Sith swgif sw edit swgeneralgrievous so i'm still reading the rots novel i actually stopped reading it for like a month (because i never commit to doing anything) but i picked it up again last night and this passage really impacted me i'm always doing gifs and edits for the good guys but grievous is actually one of my favorite SW baddies he's so ruthless and malevolent but he's easily manipulated he's powerhungr his ambition is his ultimate flaw grievous is meant to be this jedi slaughtering machine but passages like this from the rots novel really humanize him and shed light on who he is and what he has become he serves as a foreshadowing element because like vader he lost his humanity the line before this paragraph sums it up perfectly he has purpose he is an object one that is easily disposed of when the time comes grievous feels
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