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fans’ll give characters top/bottom labels and hold onto these like law but im sittin here like…….. what about……switching……. Switching?? Consider switching
there should be a fic where literally everyone tries to explain the birds and the bees to connor and he just doesn’t understand at all
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[1] Chris Evans hands + gestures appreciation also dat face
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The Notebook Allie Noah Allie Hamilton Noah Calhoun Ryan Gosling white house Rachael McAdams romantic gesture romantic gestures blue shutters
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LOL omg candice accola steven mcqueen this cast is so precious like candice with her hand gestures and steven he sounds so proud
Kai jongin allgifs exogifs oven radio the number of hand gestures jongin did in a 5 minute radio broadcast im fucking wwheezing are u indian lmao
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She added, “There’s a reason you never hear the word ‘clit’ in those books: He doesn’t know what the hell it is.” h/t spacejam This is so delightfully crude and I LOVE IT.
I firmly believe in small gestures: pay for their coffee, hold the door for strangers, over tip, smile or try to be kind even when you don’t...
things tumblr staff needs to do to turn this toilet into a worthwile and functional site: ? make the original posters’ captions unremovable ? re-consider the entire ask/fanmail system cause it’s garbage ? make the blocking option actually block people instead of this… weak shit i...
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