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my gifs disney 1000plus frozen hans PRINCE HANS frozenedit love is an open door gif: frozen these disney trivia will kill me and i had to tone down the vibrance in these gifs ugh
creepy oddities manequin the lawson house
politics hunger games news Hong Kong ferguson
Illustration art landscape paintings Samantha Keely Smith sunil
things tumblr staff needs to do to turn this toilet into a worthwile and functional site: ? make the original posters’ captions unremovable ? re-consider the entire ask/fanmail system cause it’s garbage ? make the blocking option actually block people instead of this… weak shit i...
art doodles reference gestures elixirmy
The Notebook Allie Noah Allie Hamilton Noah Calhoun Ryan Gosling white house Rachael McAdams romantic gesture romantic gestures blue shutters
art masterpost art masterpost
I firmly believe in small gestures: pay for their coffee, hold the door for strangers, over tip, smile or try to be kind even when you don’t...
love photography couple fav Valentine's Day Steve McCurry
art Fanart rude rose quartz pearl hand gestures we need to talk steven universe Greg Universe su spoilers Monty's art suggestive dancing The Gems are too saucy for me to handle
photography beauty art sculpture white men details grey statue foot arm tale veins classical
art sculpture animal creature ceramics 2013 Claire Oliver Gallery asylum-art Beth Cavener Strichter Obarion
important things ableism police brutality not art death mention disableism eugenics mention non-consentual sterilization mention
art gallery spotlight performance art Heather Hansen THE VALUE OF A LINE
mine supernatural dean winchester sam winchester season nein
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