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fashion style gender queer Gender Variant non binary house of alexzander Elliott Alexzander
mine s3 s1 Stiles Teen Wolf mine: gifset Sheriff Stilinski stilinski family feels set: lfls
tutorial Asymmetry Artistontumblr grizandnorm normandlemay tuesdaytips
derek hale Scott McCall derek hale tries to woo scott mccall into his pack no...i lost count derek fails at romantic gestures
wife Hero love u smooch elkbert
1k Chris Evans CEA you fucking meatball evansedit *gif 3 jfc this gifset is such a mess with his hands EVERYWHERE lmao i do the same thing and talk with my hands a lot
fashion style gender queer ootd Gender Variant house of alexzander Elliott Alexzander
[x] Question: What sort of fashion do you like in girls? Harry: I LOVE girls who...
love Personal Valentine's Day valentinesday
aph: romano Nyotalia aph: south italy Nekotalia lovino romano vargas Mr. Vergas femano Italian gestures popular italian gestures I really need to start putting effort into my shit :I btw thanks to xiiau for putting out and AMAZING tutorial on SAI OL settings
shooting Serial Killers eric harris dylan klebold school shooting columbine
art Botticelli gestures xv (LOOK‚ TUMBLR. LOOK AT MY NEW BOTTICELLI BOOK.) (It’s sublime. It’s exquisite. It’s *puts on sunglasses* /magnificent/.) (I am going to post Botticelli things all through December and have an emotional breakdown on January 1st.) (If your plans for the first day of new year includes making a birthday cake for people who’s been dead for five centuries — — ………don’t call me‚ I guess‚ I really hate phonecalls.)
Chris Evans Chris Hemsworth sdcc comic con by nicole comic con 2014 sdcc 2014
art animals Humans contemporary creatures Edge Sculpture Matt Buckley
there should be a fic where literally everyone tries to explain the birds and the bees to connor and he just doesn’t understand at all
kim soo hyun kim soohyun love you so much ksh i can hear his laugh HA HA HA right now like damn his voice.... adorable gestures
homestuck update meulin meulin leijon
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