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  • Aries:Hides in closets and screams demonically at night
  • Taurus:Doesn't really do much, usually found in inanimate objects.
  • Gemini:Knocks shit over, scrapes nails against walls, smashes glass.
  • Cancer:Comforts small children, protects their loved ones. Acts as a guardian angel.
  • Leo:Terrorizes crowds, has a soft spot for children.
  • Virgo:Rearranges everything, frequently haunts the same place.
  • Libra:Shows up in mirrors, leaves clues where to find them.
  • Scorpio:Seeking revenge, haunts people that did them wrong.
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If you must go, go quietly. If you stay, convince me that you’re here.
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What if like, there’s a ghost or spirit or whatever that has a crush on you but you can’t see them and don’t know they’re there.They do little things for you throughout the day that you just kinda pass off as normal things in life.Like they help you regain your balance before...
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