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UPDATE: I have added the following resources to the blog: Note: I have created a Police Brutality page. POLICE BRUTALITY How to Make a Gas Mask Protecting Yourself From Tear Gas Tips for Recording Police Know Your Rights: Photographers 7 Rules for Recording the Police When the Police Ask “Why Are Yo...
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In case you were somehow confused: When you support the state of Israel, you are supporting racism and apartheid. You are supporting the brutal ethnic cleansing and oppression of the Palestinian people. You are supporting the “logic” that one genocide justifies the genocide of another people. And y...
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So my 15 year old brother was driving around our town in Palestine at night with some friends. They were going out to get some falafel sandwiches and coffee. Not far from our house, two IDF jeeps pulled in front of their car, and one behind them, blocking them.Nearly a dozen IDF scum armed with M16s...
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Welcome to life under occupation in Hebron, Palestine For...
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