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  • Lay:tweets about unicorns and potato chips. and about how much he wants to play the guitar.
  • Luhan:tweets good morning, good afternoon and good night messages. thats it.
  • Tao:posts a lot of selcas and tweets about how much he misses the EXO-K members.
  • Chanyeol:would tweet back fans with the same message, "AYO WHADDUP KREES"
  • Suho:would take time to tweet every day thanking fans all the time, posts selcas every now and then but mostly selcas of the other members.
  • Kai:would be a total twitter whore, tweeting his hyungs, trolling fans and tweeting every single thing that he is doing.
  • D.O.:he'd be too confused to make a Twitter account.
  • Sehun:would tweet Kai and only Kai.
  • ...
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