• gif love cute movie titanic sweet aww meet where i In the Morning happen i love gonna waking up rose and jack Wind up not knowing what's who I'm •
gif 1k disney MY EDIT 5k 2k 10k 3k you don't understand i love this movie so much Disneyedit zootopia animationedit disneydailly zootopiaedit
coms a h h this is such a fun design though lotta wings lotta me not knowing what a face looks like if i can get my shit together i might have a WHOLE BUNCH of stuff for tomorrow fingers crossed today i woke up and the first thing i did was bust open my hand on a broken christmas light cool cool cool cool cool cool alright im workin !!
doctor who David Tennant Tenth Doctor bless Stuff I Posted rtdedit dtappreciation2016 I put this in the *smile* category because David playing with his hair always makes me smile especially when he really screws it up like in Smith and Jones like I tell my husband if you've got great hair you might as well flaunt it my husband has good hair too maybe not as talented as DT's hair though David and his lovely hair messing it all up I love that he's not all self-conscious about his appearance is it cheating if david himself isn't smiling it's just me who is smiling when I look at these gifs?
disney Disneyedit zootopia *imadethis.gif *disneyfaves it's too new to really be a favourite but i do like it and i'm so excited to see the movie tomorrow and i love those dancing tigers also technically i don't think it's in the movie? but w/e
repeat after me everyone:Dan and Phil are more important than phanno, not danisnotonfire and amazingphilDan and Phil–the real actual living and breathing human beings–are more important than a shiptheir privacy is more important, their feelings are more important, their lives, their wish...
mygifs *a mondler friendsedit *friends* friendstv friendsgifs harlieyquinn you know when you're doing a gifset and you don't have enough moments to gif that fit the theme in this case i had the EXACT OPPOSITE happen to me i giffed like 15 moments and then chose my top 9 that was actually the hardest part these two were so touchy feely i love it
followers who show up regularly in my notifications: i see you and i appreciate you so much
Larry Stylinson mine manip listen larry edit larry manip larry fan art it's their first show after coming out and harry picks louis up in his arms and together they make a dramatic entry i'm already ded
Amy Adams gal gadot gg* dcedit AA* bvsedit loisjoannelane my fav part of the bvs promo tour is gal and amy's love affair i don't think there's two cast members more supportive of each other tbh there's another vid where Amy says that on her first meeting w Gal she went up to her and said 'we're going to be best friends. i'm adopting you'
me: *forgets words in english* whoops, well english isn’t my first language some: *forgets words in native language* whoops, I’m better at english lolme @ me:
harry potter My art I like it mroe than I expected I would also also only 3 books to go and I'm completely up to date \ o /
yeah but what kind of fictional character is your type?
ours Please be safe don't give up The 100 I'm also sorry about yesterday bc I didn't get the whole real point and I learn that many were those who were feeling really bad I hope you're all ok lexa's fight is over but not yours
my gif my stuff =( The 100 commander lexa
mine LGBT lgbtqa nmimarks mawgaux lgbt masterlist project lgbt masterlist captainholt
fashion movies vintage titanic kate winslet leonardo dicaprio Jack and Rose gold shimmer steve jobs winner best actor armani Ralph Lauren oscars Academy Awards leo and kate make it count The Revenant Oscars 2016
LGBT pls reblog lgbtqa lgbt representation presidentgay nmimarks lgbt masterlist project like and share if you like!
love art red relationship couple depression sad quotes words i love you heart couples in love 20k break up font argument heartbreak heart broken 50k ex glitch i'm sad 300 40K word art breaking my heart 30k broken up
blood My art fan art digital art gf gravity falls gravity falls spoilers gf spoilers bill cipher weirdmaggedon part 3 spoilers take back the falls spoilers boy howdy im dead this took a bit longer than it should have and im not sure why these were going to be different but my plans changed cause they weren't turning out right i still love blood rain and im sure it'll happen for eternity in bill's spot cause that's how he rolls everyone has done a redraw of this scene during the day so that's why i wanted to do different ones- but tbh my favorite IS the day one ahahaha also I can't write oops! i also can't draw blood WELP
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