• gif misc ok bye rashida jones billy eichner u should probably watch the video bc the gifs are not funny by themselves why did i even make them •
f(x) snsd iu sulli 2ne1 KARA park bom t ara that's not the point femaleidols by seunghyonq yes i know i didn't cover everyone bc 1. scandal may be too old or 2. nb didn't translate neg comments cause i got all of these from nb and no i'm not saying all of these people and every female idol in a scandal are the victims the point is that female idol + scandal = lose everything cause they're supposed to be p e r f e c t and it shouldn't be like that
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*gif Teen Wolf 2.08 Scott McCall isaac lahey twgif scisaac scott x isaac *all twedit gdi i searched for a gifset of this scene the whole day had to do it myself then bc i have things 2 say (this is becoming a mantra lately) also in slow motion bc then u can see the exact moment isaac fell in love but yeah no obvious shipping bias aside this is one of my fav moments of this show because it says so much about these two characters like look at isaac in the first 2 gifs this kid hasn't had anybody care for him in who knows how long so the idea that scott meant him when he said 'be careful' doesn't even cross his mind so absurd it is and when he realises scott was talking about his safety he is comepletely speechless bc at this point in his life literally no one cares about him like derek only turned him for his own selfish purposes and deals rather roughly with everyone on his new pack erica and boyd are friends with each other but not really with isaac or at least that's the feeling i get when i watch them interact and then you have scott right here who absolutely has no reason at all to give a shit about isaac bc really it's not as if isaac was ever nice to him (he even tried to kill scott's friends) but he does anyway because that's how scott is so yeah this scene is a huge thing for isaac bc this is the moment he realises that there might be ppl who care and that's why he puts so much trust in scott bc scott is literally the first person to show any concern for his well-being and i have so much more to say but it'd take up too much space and i'm crying now anyway bc these 2 reasons scott mccall is perfect tbh
comic comics jagart chronic illness spoonie Doodleloser spoonie strong hello this is probably the last time I draw a comic bc i don't know how to comics .... well okay maybe i'll try again someday but i really needed to say this ;v; TAGGING U OK
when you’re in trouble there are four options: stay silent and get yelled at for ignoring your parent apologize and get yelled at for sass (even when it was sincere) defend yourself and get yelled at for talking back answer any questions your parent asked you and get yelled at for sass (again ...
** the vampire diaries stefan salvatore caroline forbes steroline *photoset TVD* tvdspoilers y'know caroline would have forgiven him if he'd just told her he was sorry that's all she wants for him to apologise for leaving her in the lurch and then not giving a shit about it and for him to just be there from now on that's not unreasonable and i'm glad she's not taking it caroline 'i don't let guys mess with my head anymore' forbes standing up for herself she knows what she deserves i'm excited to see stefan chase her and try to get her back i understand why stefan did what he did but i also love caroline also 'i don't wanne be friends anymore bc i wanna bang u' am i right ok i need to sleep bye
"Billy Eichner & Amy Poehler bombard pedestrians with Ch...
mine Mean Girls ok btw bye absolute funniest posts the absolute funniest posts i did not make the gif on top i googled it but then i made the one on bottom
YouTube my stuff feminism mine: gif youtubers g1k kinda i guess g500 anna akana annaakana this is not EXACTLY what she said so you should deffo check the video bc her motiovational rants are the best motivational rants
Billy in the Audience Billy Eichner leads the Tonight Show a...
Amy Poehler And Billy Eichner Went Caroling On The Street An...
parks and recreation parks and rec i love him *gifs donna meagle Retta billy eichner *imade Crazy Craig craig middlebrooks this dude is the definition of caps lock
1k gifs Lily Collins jamie campbell bower MMC omg bye lcollinsedit jcbedit HOW?? clarissassfray maxeirons HOW YOU DARE OLIVIA! lmao this was hell to color and most of the videos are lq but they are my favorite moments and ok let's talk about jamily... I was crying while I made this I realized how much I miss them and the chemistry that they had with each other was gold they are my babies and together or not I will always love them
my gif 1k bby ;__; loki avengersedit because i did marveledit lokiedit winterthirst That's right bitches. I got a queue. howlingsoldier ahah ahahaha th i s hu rt m y poor chi ld should always be happy but this is supposed to hurt vivian more vivian i hope you facken cry the things i make just to make you sad jfc also i will probably never stop making these kinds of gifsets they're too much fun but are also way too frustrating i don't even want to look at photoshop again for a while i'm so done
gif exo exo m Luhan xiumin xiuhan luhan probably thinks he's the most hilarious person in the world he is also an obsessed freak can't say i blame him tho bc i'd be all over them buns if i had the chance this took me like 7 hours to make jesus christ i should have taken my adhd meds
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infinite Hoya WHY??? ;gif okay I'm done with tags i've been wanting to make this since jan but i started this like a few days ago and it took forever bc he doesn't do aegyo eff u howon all he ever does is buing buing too and it's not even BUING BUING it's like i hate life buing buing have some cute hoya
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