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mine gif set edward elric Fullmetal Alchemist I have absolutely no regrets giving up greedling for full marriage to ed.... noNE I started watching this show like last week and I cannot being to take on the feels ed I love you so much so much so much he is flawless and never fails to be hopelessly in love with him
sherlock martin freeman Benedict Cumberbatch john watson bbc sherlock johnlock gonna tap that ass tonight
Aang Sokka Avatar atla avatar the last airbender tho Korra legend of korra lok yue asami amon wang fire tlok days of the week princess yue swamp benders didn't make all of these but some of them are mine
mine klaine glee i should've made this last week but oh well
homestuck John Egbert heir of breath vasheren draws shit andthenalongcamezeus this has been a week of feels i tell you
1k Final Fantasy last one for tonight Yuna rikku paine final fantasy x 2 final fantasy x2 i don't get gifs ): wow the gagazet mountain background is pretty nice with the right adjustments
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Sokka suki avatar the last airbender the boiling rock sukka GOD THEY'RE SO ADORABLE The Serpent's Pass Sukka Week
John Egbert myartsyes and thats all for tonight folks good night o/
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