• gif white privilege louis ck this truth bomb i love him again the whole rape apologist thing was a misunderstanding thank grod •
oh god Idiot alis stuff youre so in love this whole concert was louis your whole life is him
Can we bring back this video of this racial argument between...
louis tomlinson One Direction mine perfection louis edit Roxy katie but really THE HAIR *1k white pants bulletprooflarry this is a series now louisjingles *cristina this might just be my favorite picture of him ever yes i know i say that daily looooooooooook at him every single thing about this picture is on point
my gif Hunter x Hunter HxH Killua Zoldyck Hunter x Hunter 2011 hxhgraphics this was the cutest thing i've ever seen i feel like i have a son and his name is killua and i had him when i was 12 because that's not weird
* gif* I'm so happy HE'S SO HAPPY 5sos 5 seconds of summer 5sosedit I'd like to thank not only god but jesus calumhoodedit hoodzer this is the best thing that's happened to me i love clum so mcuh look ! at ! him ! i'll never be the same person
  • Liam:Well me and Niall actually went to the same football game and you two [points at Louis and Niall] went to the same concert, so Niall's just present in everyone's life.
  • Louis:Niall's just a present in everyone's life.
  • Liam:Or was it you that went to the same concert [points at Niall] or was it you that went to the same concert [points at Harry]?
  • Louis:No no-
  • Harry:No we went to the same concert. Because we went to The Script.
  • Louis:Yeah. We went to The Script [points at Harry] and we went to Busted [points at Niall].
  • Liam:[to Zayn] Where were you all these years?
  • Louis:Me and Zayn both lived in Yorkshire. And we were going to do the same job!
supernatural Jake Abel adam milligan I don't get it spnedit bestcharcters adam would be the only reason i would start watching supernatural again i think i stopped at the end of season six when they killed balthazar off and i was like nope they need to get adam out of hell and he can bitch slap both sam and dean because how dare they leave him down there plus it'd be nice to see grown up jake abel on the show sorry i get really angry at how they constantly forget about adam they keep bringing back charlie and i honestly don't care all that much for her but they can't bring back adam despite pretty much the majority of the fandom want him back? bring back adam 2k14
sunggyu sungjong myungsoo woohyun infinite 1000 Dongwoo Hoya 19900105 gif DUDE THIS PART WAS HILARIOUS I LAUGHED SO MUCH oh shit i made a typo i aint going to make the whole gif again T_T
1k * just Sebastian Stan gifset2 political animals tj hammond sean reeves remember those few months that TJ was HAPPY and in LOVE and SMILEY and then this asshole decided to take all of that away from him i get that their whole relationship shouldn't have even been a thing from the get go but that doesn't change the fact that it happened anyway and it left TJ heartbroken and willing to kill himself to escape the pain dont't talk to me about TJ Hammond because I can't (going to be sad forever that this show wasn't renewed alright)
my gif 1k ~ God Benedict Cumberbatch jimmy fallon 10k so much appearances I hate this man i love this whole thing the 'i washed it' and the pose
love all time low Jack Barakat Alex Gaskarth g worth it this took me forever Time Bomb but i love it damned if I do ya poppin champagne I feel like dancin king of all kings a love like war the leg thing
1. Know that you are still blooming, and this is okay. 2. Write handwritten love notes to the parts of yourself you hate. 3. Find the comf...
cosplay my brother steven universe wondercon THE TRUTH THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH
louis tomlinson Harry Styles Larry Stylinson larry lourry gifs: * gifs: lourry gifs: throwback this was such a great moment and i honestly felt that i was intruding into their little bubble of louisandharry the soft 'thank you mate' that harry gave him and louis' answering 'no problem' was so /soo//// tender i thought i was going to hyperventilate and die from homo cardiac arrest
gifs television saturday night live snl louis ck satnightlive this ep was great I am going to make a few gifs
1k LOL my gifs spoilers sherlock 500 sherlock spoilers i couldnt resist The Empty Hearse sherlock+gif this is the bomb i will use this as often as possible youre welcome fandom my gifs:other
gif funny gif mypost funny faces photo bomb asian gif face gif video bomb
gif mine :)) angel buffy summers bangel btvs edit i LOVE to have fun baw14 this scene is so sad im gonna puke i was listening to the score while making this