• gif love cute movie titanic sweet aww meet where i In the Morning happen i love gonna waking up rose and jack Wind up not knowing what's who I'm •
gifs titanic Jack and Rose antostuff TitanicEdit scene: multi scene: promise I've been wanting to make this gifset for /years/ but I never had the proper inspiration to do it justice I just wanted to illustrate what I think went through Rose's mind in those few seconds when she closes her eyes because evidently she wants to give up and die with him but I always imagine she recalled all these memories and Jack's life lessons like how they always say when you die your life flashes before your eyes everything replayed up to the point where she made her promise because that's what snaps her out (that's why I turned it into color) it makes her realize that she has to go on and live to fulfill that promise not only for the sake of keeping her word but to honor his existence and make his sacrifice matter by living the life and freedom he gifted her
1k mine the hobbit sorry dos Smaug hobbitedit hobbit gif Desolation of Smaug yeah i'm trash but i just love how they made him ok also what's up with tht weird tooth in his mouth
love couple cute quote Black and White tumblr text sad i love you i miss you heart sign missing you sweet image aww in love miss sadness
my gif supernatural destiel DEANCAS spn spoilers destiel gif S Gif ninetypercentgrace i may try and do this in colour tomorrow but today i'm too tired and i need to go to sleep oh god i'm making myself sad feel free to delete the captions i was feeling sappy precious bbs waking up together and giving lazy soft kisses to each other morning breath be damned because they love each other /so fucking much/ and lbh dean would watch cas sleep just as much just lying there for hours on end and marvelling that he's somehow managed to have cas want him back little does he know that cas does the exact same thing when dean is sleeping okay i'm going to shut up now
gif My art titanic facts Jack and Rose Trivia TitanicEdit scene: sinking
love cute adorable perfect titanic true love kate winslet leonardo dicaprio sweet rose dewitt bukater jack dawson kleo Get Married rose dawson
Fanart wow wedding babies digital fuck this edward elric Winry Rockbell FMA Edwin and I love it i'm gonna make myself cry their wedding s gonna be outdoors right at sunset when everything is beautiful and then theyre gonna have so many pretty summer lights like light canopy because that is kind of amAZING itd be small but cute and romantic and sweet granny is leading winry down the aisle and al is best man and the only thing input ed (was allowed to) put in his own wedding is the matching red touches bc he's an idiot and he'll just mess everything up
1k * gifs titanic leonardo dicaprio jack dawson my baby i love u more than anything in the world fav movie ever
* gifs disney beauty and the beast Belle constance The Beast batbedit Disneyedit beauty and the beast* this is hands down the ugliest gifset i ever made in a long time i'm so sorry guys i'm not worthy none of the colors are matching and ugh i'm just so mad at myself i give up
gif love cute i love you tv show Gossip Girl sweet aww
my edits my gifs Rose Tyler Tenth Doctor fear her otp: burning up a sun just to say goodbye dwedit dredits rtdedit i'm not gonna say that rose had him too flustered to park straight but i'm also not gonna say that anything else was the cause i mean i'm just saying
doctor who Rose Tyler I love her so much dwedit rtdedit tasty parallel doosmday club she's such a precious human being we in the doosmday club all agreed that we love when she bonds with side characters one of many reasons to love rose bless her sweet heart i actually cant believe i found four scenes where she asks about the other person's name
gif 1k otp titanic myedit Jack and Rose rose dewitt bukater jack dawson i just rose and jack i am sobbing endgame tbh
love photography couple Black and White beautiful movie follow titanic kate winslet leonardo dicaprio bw Jack and Rose rose dewitt bukater jack dawson
gif drawing kisses couple cute Black and White disney design b&w mickey mouse kiss sweet never give up characters mouse mickey Love disney b&w gif minie mouse minie love is in the air On love
dog shay mitchell pretty little liars emily fields cute omg Jesus puppy pll i mean glasses i love her more right? they're so cute shay JUST IMAGINE AND THOSE GLASSES please marry me shaymitch shaym i love that dog but i love shay than the dog waking up to this that'd be heaven
love titanic kate winslet leonardo dicaprio rose jack dawson titanic movie Titanic 1997 titanic film
love couple cute Black and White dance titanic couples rose jack
lord of the rings movie my stuff Faramir Tolkien eowyn lotredit i love this part in the books ... :))