• gifs Barbara Hershey once upon a time lana parrilla GIFs:OUAT Regina Mills kp ;_____________; GIFs:OUATs2 cora mills •
1k * gifs jordan misc s1 once upon a time ouatedit reginamillsedit emmaswanedit snowwhiteedit rumplestiltskinedit ouadhmeme
:) mine Swan Queen manip gifset ouat Emma Swan Regina Mills Henry Mills swanqueenedit swan mills family yes the images in the book move they got harry potter technology
spoilers once upon a time snow white Regina Mills ouat spoilers snow queen ouatedit reginamillsedit OTP: Genuinely and selflessly connected snowwhiteedit snowqueenedit I loved it so much ffstuff Everyone and their dogs giffed this but I don't care
mygif Regina Mills Henry Mills ouat spoilers ouatedit reginamillsedit
God once upon a time snow white snowing prince charming tiny red riding hood anna robin hood ouat Emma Swan Regina Mills Henry Mills Mad Hatter Rumplestiltskin Jefferson Captain Swan zelena killian jones belle french elsa outlaw queen liam jones I'm not gonna tag everyone LOL
1k mine 5x12 Regina Mills sneak peek ouat spoilers ouatedit reginamillsedit
Reblog with your OUAT OTP and age
Someone requested I do this after my Hogwarts house survey so here are the rules:1. ONLY ONE SHIP, or I will only count the first one you list2. Don’t answer in the tags or I won’t see it3. I will post results on 2/29/16, don’t respond afterwordsI’m looking foreword to seeing the results! 
1k mine disney 5k 2k ursula 4k Hades Jafar Maleficent captain hook hans Regina Mills 3k cruella cora mills ouatedit Disneyedit chernabog
1k MY EDIT jennifer morrison josh dallas lana parrilla ouat cast colin o'donoghue jmo joshdallasedit jennifermorrisonedit lanaparrillaedit sean maguire jmoedit colinoedit rebecca mader Rose McIver ouatcastedit colinodonoghueedit ouat 100
ouat Regina Mills ouat spoilers cora mills ouatedit reginamillsedit coramillsedit ouat stuff 1k mine
1k *mine *gif ouat Regina Mills *ouat ouatedit reginamillsedit claryherondales fairestregal riihaana sorry i'm late :p
s1 Regina Mills 121 ouatedit reginamillsedit
foto once upon a time fotos Serie ouat
once upon a time 2x02
my gifs once upon a time ouat captain hook ouat gifs killian jones ouatedit hookedit
I feel like Victoria Justice is the perfect SwanQueen daughter. Not only is she of Puerto Rican descent like Lana, but…How can you look so much like Jennifer Morrison here:But then look like Lana Parrilla here:WITCHCRAFT!
mygifs mine otp Swan Queen Emma Swan Regina Mills ouatedit reginamillsedit swanqueenedit emmaswanedit fav part tbh sqmeme whysq oh how much i miss the bickering
1k ** once upon a time edit* Regina Mills ouat* ouatedit emmaswanedit hookedit elsaedit this is the dumbest thing I've ever done she gets to keep the apple obviously but everyone else needs to vary their diets and i've done a lot of dumb things
* gifs gifs* s5 positivity robin hood 5.01 Regina Mills Peanut Henry Mills 5.11 5.04 5.08 5.07 ouatedit multiep 5.05 reginamillsedit 5.02 robinhoodedit outlawqueenedit outlaw queen roland hood Regal Believer dimples queen outlaw believer outlaw peanut positivity boost regal peanut dimples brigade
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