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my stuff Ben Whishaw light of my life The Hour Freddie Lyon nbd nbd the hour [3] freddie lyon [2] journalistic superhero have a gifset for no other reason than IT'S FREDDIE and it's RIDICULOUSLY GORGEOUS the last gif might be my fave i just COULD NOT RESIST the cinematography of this shot. it reminds me of his entrance in ep one.
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* Ben Whishaw The Hour Freddie Lyon couldn't really help myself for a character who smokes a lot i found it pretty hard to find good up close shots that and a lot of it is hard to colour ben whishaw forever making life difficult for me
* The Hour Freddie Lyon Bel Rowley idiots in love bel x freddie there's only ever been you lol i was pretty much doomed since though could this scene be darker
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The Hour Freddie Lyon I watch too much telly to quit smoking or drinking hey it worked for hitchens - he's fine right?
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well Fairy Tail Gray Fullbuster !ft Ultear Ultear Milkovich mila!edit ft!edit lyon vastia ftmanga!edit so i wanted to do another of those but it turned out like crap !mygraphic
my stuff Ben Whishaw The Hour Freddie Lyon here have an art about how your heroes could never. because there are heroes and then there's FREDDIE. last name ever. first name greatest. idek how i feel about this anymore seeing as how i just spent three plus days staring at it. my middle name is overly analytical. on the bright side i'm in love with the cap with the blood on his cheek. which sounds weird i guess but his eyes though such a gorgeous shot. four for you director.  four for you. the hour [3] freddie lyon [2]
* Fairy Tail Juvia Lockser so i'm obviously on a juvia mode so please don't mind me while i spam your dash also to the anon who requested some lyon and/or lyvia i didn't forget about it so don't worry because I'll have something for you before the end of the weekend