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  • Fan:What's a secret about you that no one else knows?
  • Ed Sheeran:I had a really, really, really bad stutter when I was little. I had a birthmark on my eye and they had to laser it off and they didn't use anesthetics so it like messed up with my nervous system and stuff. I had a really heavy stutter so I'd be talking like this- and I've still got like hints of it but- erm I'd be talking like this and literally not be able to get words out. PLUS I had quite bad eye sight so I had big, blue NHS specs. PLUS I was ginger. PLUS I didn't have a growth spurt until quite late on so I was very small. So from the age of 6 to about 11- OH and I erm had a perforated eardrum so I had to wear this weird kinda hat.
  • Radio Station Interviewer:How did you become a musician?!
  • Ed Sheeran:Well this is the thing, this is what I wondered. From the age of 6 to 11 no one would want to hang with that kind of kid.. that was weird.
  • Ed Sheeran:So I think God looked down and said I think you need some help getting laid. Here's a guitar.
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  • Ed:can we get it silent? and if the person beside you is talking just stroke them gently until they stop.
  • Crowd:
  • Crowd:
  • Bitch:I LOVE YOU ED
  • Ed:someone stroke that woman
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Maybe she had it wrong all this time and her empty heart could never be filled by his ingenious broken spirit. Maybe this yearning had nothi...
Ginger Rogers
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