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Ron Weasley offered the stranger sitting next to him on the train half his sandwich, even though it was all he had.Ron Weasley sacrificed himself for the good of Harry and Hermione at age eleven, because even then he thought they were more important than he was, and the ones worth saving.Ron Weasley...
ron weasley ginny weasley harry potter Hermione Granger luna lovegood books severus snape lily evans Sirius Black voldemort dumbledore JK Rowling neville longbottom james potter remus lupin Minerva McGonagall potterhead wand maraudes
ginny weasley mine Hermione Granger luna lovegood idek hpedit inquisitorialsquad potterspacknw idk i loved these so much and wanted to try making some ALSO i probs should have put ginny potter and hermione weasley and luna scamander but i didnt whatcha gonna do about it also we have it on emma watsons authority that hermione probably would have ket her surname so im assuming the same for the others
  • favourite character:*dies*
  • me:nah get up bitch ur fine
gif ron weasley harry potter Merry Christmas mine 10k hpedit
ron weasley harry potter Hermione Granger pottermore this is perfect MY BABIES pottermore spoilers sorry for the long post oops i love jkr
harry potter mine fred weasley george weasley oliver phelps james phelps myhp
  • Books 1-3:Fuck yeah, I'm Harry Potter.
  • Books 4-7:Fuck, I'm Harry Potter.
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ron weasley ginny weasley harry potter order of the phoenix Hermione Granger comic hp neville longbottom long post katie art Time to draw something HAPPY now
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gif ron weasley LOL ed sheeran itunes festival ginger jesus
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ginny weasley harry potter hogwarts JK Rowling
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gif harry potter meme Ronald Weasley ron harry potter and the chamber of secrets get out me car broom broom
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