• girl groups •
  • First KPOP song you ever heard:8Eight - Without a heart ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • First KPOP group you liked:2PM
  • First ever bias:Wooyoung :3
  • Current bias(es):Wooyoung/Luhan/Nichkhun/Eunjung/Jia/Myungsoo/Key/Baekhyun/D.O sdfhskfj and more >.<
  • Song you know all the words to:miss A - Goodbye Baby
  • How many albums (downloaded or physical):Like 11?
  • The merch you own (if you have any):Posters, albums, photobooks
  • Favourite girl group:2NE1/T-ara
  • ...
groups tht deserved more than wht they got:afterschoolf(x)
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A lot of songs by girl groups make me energetic and excited and make me feel like I can do anything and be a bad bitch and I feel sorry for the female kpop fans full of misogyny that refuse to listen to girl groups cause they’re missing out. You should want to feel like a bad bitch too.
woohyun gif: Infinite gif: wh I'll never forget when key said woohyun wanted to send copies of their album to all girl groups hehe idk much about groups other than ifnt so if any of them are wrong please tell me orz
1k MY EDIT Jessica jessica jung sica snsd jessica girl groups snsd edit jessicat kpop girl jessica eidt
f(x) snsd iu 4minute brown eyed girls 2ne1 KARA after school girls' generation femaleidols by saranghaeyos
  • girl's day:/stands near luhan
  • luhan:/pets sehun's cheek fondly
  • sehun:/smiles at hyung
  • girl's day:
  • girl's day:
  • luhan:/still smiling at sehun
  • sehun:/blushes
  • girl's day:
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gif * mine kpop snsd spice girls 2ne1 Wonder Girls tlc girls' generation little mix Destiny's Child fifth harmony [SHOUTS IT OFF THE ROOFTOPS] GIRL GROUPS!!!!!!!! ARE /SO IMPORTANT/.
Typography joy kpop wendy IRENE grid red velvet ot4 girl groups edit:graphic be natural seulgi palstelnet red velvet makes me happy tbh
so let's talk about girl groups.
I’ve been noticing a lot lately-large amounts of hate towards female k-pop groups. And most of it is ridiculous. I’ve spot lighted a couple of female who get too much hate (Hyorin, Ailee, Hyuna, Goo Hara) a time or two before, and as comebacks keep happening, the feeling of misogyny in the K-Pop fa...
1k idk Ladies femaleidols by topford
f(x) m snsd 4minute T-ara a pink secret sistar after school Nine Muses GSD gg13 didnt have space for rookie groups :3 it was 3am ;__;
cat girl cute shy loli neko nekomimi undressed lewd
LOL edits fun hyuna <3 Nine Muses 9Muses asian girl girl groups moon hyuna 9 muses asian singer hyun ah namyu edits:9muses shes jesus christ
f(x) myedit snsd shinee taemin 2ne1 Wonder Girls KARA hyuna sistar beg
snsd brown eyed girls Wonder Girls KARA girls' generation femaleidols by jumons
1k kpop myposts 4minute brown eyed girls 2ne1 dal shabet secret after school mgifs Nine Muses AoA tw: guns girl groups ladies' code spica *kpopg badass kpop girls yeeeep