• going to take a nap bye •
1k *gif star trek chris pine star trek xi star trek xii James T. Kirk star trek into darkness trekedit his silver lady going to take a nap bye
vocaloid answer just be friends gifsvocaloid going to take a nap now..
gif Harry Styles One Direction msg omg omg ok same gonna go take a nap now bye
queue Idiots lena headey LH got cast mineg gotcastedit Pedro Pascal i was supposed to post this last night but i went to take a little nap first and ended up sleeping till like an hour ago oh well you're going in the
manga mangacap manga cap tomodachi no hanashi I'm off to take a nap who knew classes were so tiring
pop punk cake blink 182 mark hoppus tom delonge blink-182 travis barker blink Take Off Your Pants and Jacket TOYPAJ idk i'm going to stop with the tags now k bye
1000 insert clever tag here i'm going back to study ok bye this is the kind of shit i do when i take breaks off of studying i hope his reign never ends
edits tom hiddleston yay! not even a little so.. yeah is this supposed to be the part where i'm sorry? well i'm not because i was going to made this a normal gif with normal subtitles but then it was like.. WAY A MINUTE *stares deeply* i'm so damaged i blame the hiddles bye.. i'm off to take a cold shower
louis tomlinson One Direction Zayn Malik mine 1D zouis take me home tour i'm going to class now bye
My art Fanart ok bye Korra legend of korra blehhhh lok mako Bolin asami i'm dying krew Modern AU one more hour kaiayame trying to kill time till the Reunion episode i should've taken a nap i really liked putting korra in heels i used such random references for all these
1k mine queue The Hunger Games 500 Catching Fire thgedit thg* mags cfedit I'm going to be a mess during this whole movie
gif gaming pokemon hoenn Mudkip treecko torchic hoenn confirmed
louis tomlinson Harry Styles One Direction Zayn Malik liam payne Niall Horan ~ x factor idk GOING TO A PARTY NOW WOOHOO BYE BYE
how many times have u looked at strangers and noticed small good things about them like “whoa the way their hair bounces is cute” “she has such nice eyelashes” “her hands look so soft” “those pants suit her well” etc? so many random strangers. you have been one of those for so many other people too....
can we talk about the one time we hear john winchester say the words “im proud of you” to dean, he’s actually posessed by a demon and the reason dean knows hes posessed is because his dad never says those words
Rihanna WHAT NOW .gif i'm gonna take a nap good night
me I want to purposely rub my butt on you
* the mask flawless movie is flawless *the mask i really want to make a photoset of the gangster talk and no not yo dawg more like 'take a dirt nap'