• gonna make another farewell gifset after the finale •
*sudden realization that next year is like 3 weeks away*
Imagine having braces during the apocalypse. no one can take your braces off. And you just have to accept that you’ll have braces forever.
trying to write essays
“This is the last twilight movie” robert pattinson whispers. he lifts his face towards the sky and raises his arms. He begins to float, over the buildings, through the clouds. He floats out of range of earth’s gravitational pull and begins to spin through the stars. he is free
so pretty Aurora Sleeping Beauty Mulan sleeping warrior I'M SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG I'd planned to finish it for SW week and then the season finale and then the season premiere I thought of it after that mid-season finale with the is this your first time so there isn't any current SW plot in it I'd like to thank aurora for always looking so flirtatious even with her godmothers and that owl and the animals and I'm really glad it was these two movies the animation style itself seemed to match up so fluid very nice disney actually I've got enough random bits and scenes planned out to probably make a part 2
idk why people are surprised i have trust issues when we live in a world where sometimes naps just make you more tired
photoset gif rosa oitnb Orange is the new Black oitnbspoilers the finale god
so my history teacher made a twitter and always gives us updates on it in class and the other day he announced that he reached 100 followers so this kid pulled out his phone and said WELL GUESS WHAT IM UNFOLLOWING YOU HAHA BACK TO 99 and unfollowed him so my teacher leaned in really close to him and...
mine friends F.R.I.E.N.D.S Phoebe Buffay Joey Tribbiani chandler bing rachel green ross geller Monica Geller friendsedit
1k * gifs lmao 5k 10k thgedit idk!! cfedit adorable sugarcubes tributesteam it supposed to be funny but.. idk the latest gif tho i was about to make another ones with the pizza problems aka the hunger games pizza problems meme
Farewell Eleven / Vale Undecim
Whovians, we are with you. Goodbye Matt Smith. from the Harry Potter Fandom from the Sherlock Fandom from The Hunger Games Fandom
You can practically smell the fear and anxiety coming off the Supernatural fandom right now
LOL american horror story AHS supreme tyra banks antm america's next top model finale zoe queenie season finale coven american horror story coven ahs coven Madison Montgomery myrtle snow misty day cordelia foxx
gifs lupita nyong'o Lupita Nyongo lupitanyong'oedit probably gonna go back and retag my newer gifs as 'gifs' but anyways these probably go too fast but the video moment is so weird?? so like 0.06 looks too slow these are ugly im sorry but shes so gorgeous ugh not sure about the coloring either I SAY 'NEWER GIFS' BUT REALLY IT SJUST THE STEVEBUCKY GIFSET OMFG
disney Mary Poppins emma thompson the sherman brothers David Tomlinson saving mr. banks p.l. travers and too many other people this gifset took me aGES to make if this doesn't get any notes i will SCREAM AND CRY
gifs supernatural dean winchester ' 10000plus spnedit how dean was really feeling here is how every dean stan feels after the s9 finale
sherlock bbc sherlock series 3 hlv magic plant I seriously hate that the gif limitations on tumblr make me have to make these low resolution things maybe I will think of another way.
Spoiler Aang Avatar feels fandom Fanbase Korra lok I LOVE THESE GUYS OK book water the jasmine dragon
tom hiddleston Chris Hemsworth Thor loki Medit over1k thor 2 thor the dark world tom gifset dex5m just another casual day
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