• gonna make another farewell gifset after the finale •
“This is the last twilight movie” robert pattinson whispers. he lifts his face towards the sky and raises his arms. He begins to float, over the buildings, through the clouds. He floats out of range of earth’s gravitational pull and begins to spin through the stars. he is free
1kplus britney spears *g till the world ends yeah I'm gonna have this on repeat tomorrow and the day after tomorrow tbh
gif Teen Wolf i don't know what i'm doing mine 6 help someone send help ALSO season finale in a day friendly reminder not gonna tag everyone tbh
doctor who mydoctorwhogifs mygif3 not gonna tag all of them that is just cray crya a post dedicated to all the amazing women on doctor who i am pretty i forgot some really good one but i'm sorry i can't cap all of them im a gifmaker not a miracle worker
you know when u hate someone so much u start imagining their face in the sky? because they beat u at a card game? seto kaiba knows
I like how tumblr is full of all the fandoms right now rejoicing as their shows come back.
And then there is the Sherlock fandom.. glaring at them judgmentally from the corner, like
art design architecture
One Direction Niall Horan my gifs dead itunes festival Use Somebody
tom hiddleston The Avengers loki avengers mine:2 AVENGERS ASSEMBLE I couldn't help myself so I made a gifset of his face somebody stahp me before I make even shittier looking gifs
vriska serket my drawings my hand hurts too many layers and not enough motivated + I realized I have to change her eyes a bit for the complete gif but wow it took less time than i thought it was going to take and i'm pretty proud of it also thats a 'LET ME SEE Vriska i m gonnA DIE' drawing mY GURL im losing it also sorry its big sized post otherwise no ones gonna click to see the hq version hAHAHAHAhaha hm ok that wasnt a good idea im gonna put it back the other way
my gif Clint Barton Hawkeye Jeremy Renner Natasha Romanoff black widow scarlett johansson au Clintasha au gifset he he I regret nothing including the wonky scene arrangement
my gif saturday night live snl Jeremy Renner YES IT'S A HUGE GIFSET EAT IT
i don’t want the doctor and clara to be in a romantic relationship i don’t want the doctor and clara to be in a romantic relationship i don’t want the doctor and clara to be in a romantic relationship i don’t want the doctor and clara to be in a romantic relationship ...
Italy earthquake Clock tower natural disaster Emilia-Romagna Finale Emilia
homestuck crying Sketch equius nepeta moirallegiance leijon Zahhak best moirails ever nepeius equita He's gonna have to fucking watch her die how do you think he'll be stable after that
*1k photosets: made by me (6) was going to make a s3 thing but this went in another direction :P game of thrones (10) ugh it's been so long since I made anything GoT/aSoIaF :'( I am laughing so hard though bc I just made this when the teaser announcement popped up gonna add that shit in tonight once it airs :3 I am so excited omggggg HBO knows how to cheer a girl up ngl :') NOT READY FOR THIS SEASON THOUGH U G H
Harry Styles One Direction 1D harry photoshop styles one direction angel heaven hazza Haz aydan im so fucking sorry why the fuck did i make this i feel so horrible im crying i cried making this bless harry i hope he never dies he is FOREVER GONNA LIVE GOODBYE
drunk gifs danisnotonfire dan howell 5 kinds of drunk people it's 2:30 in the morning. what is my life? this gifset took me way too long to make
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