• gonna make another farewell gifset after the finale •
mygifs Graphic gravity falls dipper pines mabel pines tourist trapped grunkle stan gravity falls spoilers mystery twins wendy corduroy stan pines candy chiu atots grenda dreamscaperers gideon rises into the bunker scary oke soos ramirez not what he seems a tale of two stans ford pines dungeons dungeons and more dungeons ddamd the stanchurian candidate stanchurian candidate the last mabelcorn GravityFinale gonna make another farewell gifset after the finale im just having a lot of feelings rn
mine exo exo m Lay Kris yixing kray was gonna wait a couple of days before making another gifset but I wanted to make something for the yixing tag after seeing so much drama in it yesterday sdhsdjkal; had the hardest time deciding btwn layhan and kray OTL sorry layhan shippers if i ever make a part 2 for lay laylu/layhan will defintiely be in the middle sdka;
1k *mine gifset the walking dead beth greene twdedit mkmc campbellandwinchester ok the fact that i'm gonna choose andrea in another one of these may or may not have had influence in my decision but anyways i've grown fond of beth after s4
1k the mortal instruments Lily Collins gifs(3) stuck in love samantha borgenst this is basically a gifset of lily swearing in the movie lol no but i loved it so much i'm gonna make another one of her without quotes and you can request stuff if you want
1k ** my stuff SpideyPool movies* marveledit deadpooledit idk i just wanted to make a 500px version of that other gif btw i have ideas for another gifset but i'm probably gonna wait the deadpool dvd i'm really glad you ppl liked that other one
MY EDIT pete wentz fall out boy Patrick Stump grand theft autumn idk i was gonna make a gifset but i got lazy after the one and this is the cutest part so
mine season 5 twd the walking dead carl grimes chandler riggs twdedit twdgif man this was hard carlgrimesedit BC AT FIRST IT WAS GONNA BE A S4/S5 CARL EDIT BUT THEN I WAS LIKE NAH I'M JUST GONNA DO S5 CARL I MUST HAVE FORGOTTEN HE'S ONLY BEEN IN LIKE 5 MINUTES OF SEASON 5 I STRUGGLED SO HARD TRYING TO FIND SCENES but i can't make another carl gifset just using scenes from 4x09 I NEED MORE CARL SCENES TO GIF AAAFHFHSKA
comedy television parks and recreation parks and rec amy poehler candles leslie knope nbc parks lil sebastian li'l sebastian mike schur Pawnee nbcparksandrec parks liveblog 5000 Candles in the Wind parksandrecnbc parks farewell farewell parks parks and crafts parksandcrafts parks finale
1k harry potter hpgif new gifs hpedit the magic begins hp gifset im gonna make another set because my harry feels
twitter how i met your mother himym Robin Scherbatsky cobie smulders barney stinson neil patrick harris television Wayne Brady cast Josh Radnor jason segel alyson hannigan ted mosby marshall eriksen NPH James Lily Aldrin Cristin Milioti patrice carter bays craig thomas Ellen D Williams himym finale william zabka himym farewell i am gonna miss this cast
  • aries:"The price of freedom is high, and it's a price that I am willing to pay"
  • taurus:"Son, just don’t."
  • gemini:"There’s only one God, ma'am, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t dress like that."
  • cancer:"I’ve got no plans tomorrow night."
  • leo:"I’m just a kid from Brooklyn."
  • virgo:"I had a big breakfast."
  • libra:"It just slipped."
  • scorpio:"I just... I had a date."
  • ...
*gifset jane the virgin jtvedit latin lover narrator lol i'm not gonna tag everyone also yeah i think there's gonna be a lot of parts for this and i'm gonna make a separate one with more socially aware topics
akemi homura kaname madoka pmmm madohomu long post The Rebellion Story PMMM Edits otp: madohomu gonna make one for kyomami soon lol yay another long post again opps
* *gif the most popular girls in school *tmpgis there were so many great lines i'm gonna make another one later
my edits my gifs doctor who dw sherlock pain supernatural superwholock castiel Jensen Ackles destiel spn johnlock suffering my gifset Reichenbach feels Bobby farewell tenrose my shitty edits failed posts omfg this has taken me days to finish and i made the first gif completely from scratch but the second was edited from another ugh odne jk i love this post im so happy its beautiful has pride shrivels up and posts
Making Sterek canon: Peter Hale's journey [pt 1]
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ TBC (I honestly don’t know what this is, it’s mostly a product of my boredom but if you’re reading this I love you)
my stuff The Wanted Max George Nathan Sykes mathan it feels good to make another gif after so long :$ and im bored so ya
mine exo Lay yixing Kyungsoo d.o laysoo do yourself a favor and click on that first link and look at lay's face as he smacks soo's ass you know what I will make another gifset of that